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Close Up The Loaded Four-Letter Word That Means So Much

The Loaded Four-Letter Word That Means So Much

The Loaded Four-Letter Word That Means So Much
By Singapore Tatler
February 04, 2017

Tiffany & Co. fetes Valentine’s Day with society’s finest. 


For some, love is all about making grand gestures, while for others, it’s the small, intangible moments spent together that count. But whatever your personal language of love, one thing is definite: love is uplifting and joyous, and has the power to conquer all adversity.

In celebration of February 14, five top honchos tell us what love means to them.

John and Jasmine Lim2.jpg

 Love is… giving your significant other unlimited access to your heart… and your phone. 

John Lim, CEO of Manor Group, with his wife Jasmine 


Key Pendant by Tiffany & Co 

“Giving someone your heart is being open, true and wanting the best for the other person. It is both unconditional and sacrificial. I am able to be my true self with my wife Jasmine and I know she loves me for who I am.

Love to me is trust; that you should be able to show your colours to the other person and not be pretentious.

Love is not judgmental. The best thing about sharing my life with someone is that we can discover each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and being able to learn and share the ups and downs of life together. It’s about companionship.” - John Lim

Rin Nan Yoong & June Goh Rin.jpg

Love is… when Cupid strikes over and over again with the same person.

June Rin, senior consultant and director of neuro-anaesthesia and neuro-critical care at Singapore General Hospital, with her husband Nan Yoong 


Paloma Picasso Heart & Arrow Pendant by Tiffany & Co 

“In the course of a marriage, situations change: first it’s pre-kids, then the babies come, then the kids grow up. With each new stage and as we evolve with age and time, a new aspect of your partner’s personality is revealed and you fall in love with these qualities all over again.

It’s about constantly finding new things to love about your loved one. That said, being an arrow of love, it could mean that some irritations occur as well, but love does conquer all, as long as there is trust.” - June Rin


Love is… the moment you realise you want to wake up next to this person every single day for the rest of your life. 

Marilyn Lum, co-founder of Crib and director of Lum Wen Kay Holdings, with her husband Shaun Tay 


Infinity Cuff by Tiffany & Co

“I realised I wanted to wake up next to my husband Shaun for the rest of my life when he asked me to marry him at the exact same spot we shared our first kiss, 11 years prior to that moment. I understood the meaning of love: it’s an emphatic expression of commitment, passion and fulfilment.” - Marilyn Lum

Jilly and Kelvin Lim _1.jpg

Love is… traversing to the ends of the earth just to see them laugh.

Jilly Wang, director and owner of LHN Culinary Concepts, with her husband Kelvin Lim

Tiffany T smile pendant in 18 karat rose gold with diamonds_3142.jpg

Tiffany T Smile Pendant by Tiffany & Co 

“When I first met my husband, I thought he was very serious. After a few dates, I came to realise that he is very thoughtful, sincere and caring. He is still very serious, as he is constantly thinking about work—so whenever he smiles, it’s a gift to me as it means he is really relaxed and happy. I have definitely noticed that he smiles more now since our marriage, and subsequently our kids.

I really believe that we can do anything to make the person we love happy, and sometimes just being there for them is more important than any grand, superficial actions.” - Jilly Wang

 tatler-190120161967_1.jpgLove is… seeing life in technicolor again.

Mike Lim, director of DP Design, with his cocker spaniel Kiro 


Schlumberger Bracelets by Tiffany & Co

“Love adds a spectrum of colours and meaning to life. The most under-rated kind of love is one that gives freely gives of itself, without expectations.

There are two different kinds of love—it’s like the difference between fireworks and a street lamp. People will stop to wow over the beauty of fireworks. But hardly no one will stop to appreciate the humble street lamp that provides essential light to us daily. If we start appreciating the small blessings that surround us which are often taken for granted, we will find that we are always in the midst of love.

I treasure the love I have with my mum and my dog. Their everyday presence, dedication, faithfulness and complete trust are things I treasure—both of them have given me their unconditional love in their lifetimes. It’s a perpetual, steady, everyday kind of love.” - Mike Lim 



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