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The Scene Is Your New Year's Resolution to Get Fit? This Fitness Package by Pure Group May Help

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Get Fit? This Fitness Package by Pure Group May Help

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Get Fit? This Fitness Package by Pure Group May Help
Group fitness classes at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)
By Amelia Yeo
January 07, 2021
Time to get started on your fitness goals for 2021. Fitness and lifestyle brand Pure Group has got you and your inner circle covered with its latest Power Pack Reboot

The start the of year is often used for some self-reflection. And given the unprecedented past year that we've had—for some, an influx of spare time on their hands and others, too little time to tide through manic schedules—it's safe to say that there were several unexpected turns along the way. Looking back on the resolutions set last year, many would also realise that they haven't had a chance to tick off the goals that they've set out to achieve. Speak to friends and family, and one would realise that fitness seems to be a recurring theme. So to aid them in kick-starting their fitness journeys, lifestyle and fitness brand Pure Group launched its latest initiative, the Power Pack Reboot, for you to give your inner circle a boost.

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Studio space at Pure Yoga Asia Square (Image: The Pure Group)
Studio space at Pure Yoga Asia Square (Image: The Pure Group)

What is Power Pack Reboot by Pure?

Designed with a holistic angle in mind, Pure's Power Pack Reboot encompasses both fitness and yoga—the main pillars of the group's offerings—with classes available both online and offline for individuals on the go. 

Sign up for the Power Pack Reboot and you'll be granted access to all eight Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness locations, spread centrally across town. Each location is also home to a slew of amenities that are designed and maintained to the highest standards, including spacious lounge areas and clean showers to use before and after lessons. Fun fact: gym rats will be thrilled to know that all Pure Fitness outlets are equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment. In fact, the one at Suntec City is also home to an impressive 30m sprint track for cardio effective high intensity training sessions to get your heart rate going. 

But what's the fun in exercising alone? Studies have shown that setting common fitness goals alongside friends can boost motivation and increase accountability for getting your workouts in. The good news is that you can go right ahead and gift two seven-day passes to friends who wish to try the gym and yoga classes for themselves, and get the whole tribe started on their fitness resolutions for 2021. 

Gym space at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)
Gym space at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)

The perfect gift

It's never too late to make a commitment to achieving better health, especially given the past year we've been through. And unique offerings aside, the Power Pack Reboot remains on sale till February 28, 2021 should you decide to get into a healthier lifestyle proper. The one-month access pass will be activated upon your first visit to any one of the locations, and users will have until March 31 to kick things off. If you so wish to continue your journey with the Pure Group after, simply get in touch with the team and they'll sort you right out.

Athletic turf area at Pure Fitness Asia Square (Image: The Pure Group)
Athletic turf area at Pure Fitness Asia Square (Image: The Pure Group)

New year, new you

Gym goers can look forward to an array of heart-pumping classes, while beginner and experienced yogis will be thrilled to find an array of lessons helmed by Pure's acclaimed teachers, each meticulously programmed to suit all levels. But should you wish to go the extra mile in your health journey, go ahead and book yourself some private sessions with Pure's yoga teachers, personal trainers and in-house nutritionists, on top of the existing package. The former comes in a bundle of three private lessons, and from our point of view, is worth the dedicated attention as teachers can then correct your form and technique as you go along in your yoga practice.

The same goes for gym rats who wish to up the ante on their workout routines with sessions of kickboxing and stretching. But what is truly crucial to complement your efforts in the studio is having a healthy and balanced diet. And for that, allow Pure's nutritionists to guide you through implementing some healthy habits in your lifestyle, as food plays a vital role in ensuring you have the nutrition needed to fuel your exercise and maintain optimal health. 

Purecast (Image: The Pure Group)
Purecast (Image: The Pure Group)

Extra perks

With the Power Pack Reboot, you are also entitled to a slew of benefits to elevate your fitness and wellness journeys. One of which is Purecast—a digital destination that houses over 220 yoga and group fitness classes to choose from weekly. To secure your slots, simply use the Pure 360 Lifestyle app. Once conducted, these digital classes remain online for the next 72 hours and is the perfect platform should you be looking to fit a workout or yoga lesson in the middle of the day but still wish to stay in the comfort of your home. But besides guided lessons, you can also look forward to an array of yoga- and fitness-related content helmed by dieticians, nutritionists and other experts to keep updated with the latest conversations around health and wellness. 

To top it all off, Power Pack Reboot users are also given $40 worth of vouchers to use at Pure's in-house food shack that serves up healthy bites from cold-pressed juices to protein-packed wraps. And to keep participants motivated to attend lessons, they'll also be awarded $40 worth of Pure Apparel and $30 worth of yoga workshops vouchers to supplement their journey. 

More details on Pure Group's Power Pack Reboot here


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