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The Scene#Tatlergram: Singapore's Poshest Dogs

#Tatlergram: Singapore's Poshest Dogs

#Tatlergram: Singapore's Poshest Dogs
By Chloe Pek
February 12, 2018
With the Year of the Dog just around the corner, we round up society's pampered pooches that are living it up—some of them even have their own social media accounts too!
Bella with Paige Parker and Happy Rogers
Bella with Paige Parker and Happy Rogers

1/9Bella Sage Parker Rogers

The Rogers family's labradoodle turned five in January, and naturally, this was celebrated with a birthday bash—beef with mash potato icing cake included. As Paige Parker puts it, Bella is "the bright spot in all of [their] days". Follow her @iambellasage.


Andrew Li's maltese knows how to live it up. The pup's Instagram documents her escapades, from lounging around the Zouk office, to fitting into the smallest of spaces—while looking incredibly adorable, of course. Follow her @misschizu.


Don't let Duke's grumpy face fool you—he's just thinking about food. A rescue dog adopted by Melissa Peh and family, the French bull dog has been living the sweet life since. Follow Duke the Frenchie @duke.frenchie.

Chermaine Pang with her dogs (from left): Junior, Whisky, and Oscar
Chermaine Pang with her dogs (from left): Junior, Whisky, and Oscar

4/9Junior, Whisky and Oscar

Chermaine Pang's fluffy trio has no problem capturing our hearts. The two poodles and a Japanese spitz spends their posh life lounging by pools and going for drives.

5/9Lily Ho

Life is a bed of lilies for Sabrina Ho's corgi. When she's not snuggling up at home looking picture-perfect, Lily is hanging out with her best friend Pudding at the hippest pet cafes. Corgi-lovers should definitely follow her @lilythatcorgi.

6/9Mr Truffles Eu

Rebecca Eu's cavalier poodle is the love of her life, and we can see why. We imagine it must be difficult to travel when your "boyfriend" is this adorable. 


It's all play and no work for Dominic Liew's three-year-old Pekingese cross—after all, Pekingese were known to be favoured by Chinese royalty. Dominic also shares that Pixie enjoys eating, playing with her squeaky toys, and annoying the family cat.

From left: Zo Zo, Miu Miu, and Tin Tin
From left: Zo Zo, Miu Miu, and Tin Tin

8/9Zo Zo, Miu Miu, and Tin Tin

Elaine Lim-Chan's "fur babies" are #squadgoals. The two yorkshire terriers (Zozo and Tin Tin) and West highland white terrier (Miu Miu) are always dressed in the cutest outfits and accessories. Miu Miu celebrated her ninth birthday this week with an incredible Frozen-themed party that other pups can only dream of.

9/9Tim Tam

When you are named after a Tim Tam, you can bet that you are cute as a cookie. Meaghan See's pomeranian Timmy loves eating, cuddling, and making hearts melt—if he hasn't already stolen it.


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