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Close Up Singapore Tatler Award for Business 2016—Mervin Wee And Jean Yip

Singapore Tatler Award for Business 2016—Mervin Wee And Jean Yip

Singapore Tatler Award for Business 2016—Mervin Wee And Jean Yip
By Susanah Cheok
November 08, 2016

As we laud eight inspiring movers and shakers with accolades for their achievements and individual prowesses, we take a peek into Mervin and Jean’s lives to see what makes them tick.

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Mervin Wee and Jean Yip lead with openness and transparency, so it’s always “win-win-win” for their customers, staff and business. Shot in a Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

Two salient ingredients, passion and focus, are what have kept and continue to keep Jean Yip and Mervin Wee’s image-enhancing empire, the Jean Yip Group, at the top of its game. Being in the competitive hair, beauty, grooming and body care trade requires the acumen and stamina of this astute couple, who are strong believers in not resting on their laurels. Says Jean, its founder and chairman, “Through innovation and keeping abreast with technology in products and equipment,” they have earned their places as captains of their industry. “We also keep tabs on the dynamics of market trends and evolve our business to cater to market changes.”

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Today, after over three decades, the Jean Yip Group has more than 70 outlets, with spas and salons in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. No mean feat, considering its modest beginnings in 1982, as a hairdressing business in Singapore, that has morphed into one that includes slimming and beauty services.
Jean and Mervin’s superlative “win-win-win” business philosophy means nobody—from customers and staff, to themselves as owners of the business—loses. These key tenets, Jean believes, have enabled them “to serve and provide value to all our customers, with convenience all over Singapore, and successfully integrate our business and operations both horizontally and vertically. This also allows us to provide customisation in services and products”.

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Rewards and fulfilment come from simply living up to their mantra “to beautify the world with beautiful people” in terms of aesthetics, character and well-being. Helping customers to increase their happiness index scores is what pushes Jean and Mervin to excel in what they do.

And while they are not-so-quietly creating a revolution in the image and grooming industry, with new and exciting products and services that cater to the Asian market, they also ceaselessly remind themselves to stay passionate and focused, just as their best mentors, their parents, taught them.

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Photography: Darren Gabriel Leow
Fashion direction: Desmond Lim
Hair, make-up and grooming: Priscilla Boh/Pristique Makeup, using quincy, at Defy Empire


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