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Close Up #SGTatlerBall2016: Society's Most Invited, Carmen Ow

#SGTatlerBall2016: Society's Most Invited, Carmen Ow

#SGTatlerBall2016: Society's Most Invited, Carmen Ow
By Singapore Tatler
October 04, 2016

With her bubbly personality and loveable charm, this society darling is always fun to be around. 

Carmen Ow


She’s loved for... her gregarious personality
Socially awkward is not how you would describe Carmen Ow, although she admits to it without hesitation. “Growing up, I’ve always stuck close to my mum and dad and would often join them to meet their friends.” Today, the only child of self‑made property mogul Victor Ow and his wife Pui Yee is a familiar face on the social circuit, much like her parents whom she shares a close relationship with. 

It was Victor who bestowed on her this wise advice: “He always tells me, ‘If you’ve accepted an invitation to an event, don’t back out even if another seemingly better one comes along, because that’s just rude.’” The trio continues to attend events together, and is sometimes joined by Carmen’s pilot husband Bryan Tan (they married last July in a lavish two-day wedding), be it to a ritzy ball, the launch of a rare cask whiskey or a Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore dinner. 

Nonetheless, Carmen, who is a director at the family’s Clydesbuilt Group, is her own woman. Animated and easygoing, she’s somewhat a goof. “My friends would probably describe me as the joker who laughs at her own gags.” So if you hear a hearty laughter from somewhere in the ballroom, it’s likely Carmen. “I’m usually happy, and it takes quite a bit to rile me up.”

Her thoughtful nature also makes her good company. “No one should feel left out, so when I’m engaged in a conversation with someone, I include those around me as much as possible.”

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Close Up Carmen Ow society's most invited Singapore Tatler Ball 2016 #SGTatlerBall2016


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