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The Scene How to Elevate Your Fitness Journey and Yoga Practices in Singapore With the Pure Group

How to Elevate Your Fitness Journey and Yoga Practices in Singapore With the Pure Group

How to Elevate Your Fitness Journey and Yoga Practices in Singapore With the Pure Group
By Amelia Yeo
December 08, 2020
Besides its in-person studio offerings, the premium lifestyle brand has recently launched Purecast platform for members to access classes from the comfort of their own homes

The time for reflection has come as we approach the end of 2020. It has been a challenging one, to say the least, and if you haven't been directly affected by the negative impacts of the pandemic, chances are you probably know of someone who has. As a result of anxieties faced in the past unprecedented year, it has also brought the importance and various methods of self-care to the forefront—taking precedence in many of our daily routines. For some, working from home has allowed for greater control over their daily schedules. There has also been a considerable effort for many to carve out time for wellness activities to cope with the state of the outside world. 

Cue Purecast: the digital destination for all things yoga- and fitness-related by fitness and lifestyle brand Pure Group. It first launched during the time of lockdown when Singapore entered its circuit breaker period to significantly control the spread of the virus, offering members a chance to access the group's wellness offerings from the comfort of their homes. Yogis and fitness enthusiasts can supplement their practice and workouts by participating in online live-streamed sessions, on top of their onsite classes. Access to the platform is also a permanent addition to the Pure memberships moving forward. 

Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)
Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)

1/4 Best of both worlds

Headquartered in Hong Kong since 2002, The Pure Group has established an array of important pillars to take the community's wellness journey to the next level. In Singapore alone, the premium lifestyle brand has eight locations—four dedicated to Pure Fitness and four to Pure Yoga— each conveniently scattered across the city. And in the years that it has been here, it has remained a popular choice with wellness enthusiasts, aptly so as they provide a series of world-class programmes and state-of-the-art facilities for its members. 

Step through their doors and you'll find yourself spoiled for choice. From avid yogis who wish to challenge their practice to beginners who require more focus on their form, there is something for everyone of all levels. The classes at Pure Yoga are also planned to fit the busy schedules of their members: the earliest at 6.45 am for early birds and latest at 8.15 pm for a relaxing wind down after a hectic day at work. 

All cards on the table: I'm not a morning person, neither am I a self-proclaimed yogi in any way. But all it took was the convincing from a friend that made me sign up for the 7.30 am class, knowing full well that I'd be in good company. A Hatha 1 class by instructor Aisah Sutton was locked into my calendar on a Thursday morning and it proved to be an invigorating experience. For the uninitiated, Hatha 1 is essentially a non-vinyasa-based asana practice—perfect for beginners. The sequence that required maximum stability through the various poses successfully woke my mind and body up, thankfully interspersed with moments of simple relaxation where attention to the breath was drawn. 

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The lounge area at Pure Yoga Republic Plaza (Image: The Pure Group)
The lounge area at Pure Yoga Republic Plaza (Image: The Pure Group)
The lounge area at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)
The lounge area at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)

2/4 Comfortable lounge areas

There is ample space for members to relax in before their lessons or scheduled gym sessions, each carefully positioned to observe safe distancing measures. Feeling peckish? Head to Pure's in-house food shack serving up a delicious array of healthy products from wraps to cold-pressed juices for you to have before or after classes.

For busy bees who are constantly on the go, the amenities at Pure Fitness offer a fantastic option should they decide to have a spontaneous session at the gym. Workout necessities including socks, shirts and shorts are readily available in the washrooms, while the toiletries are aplenty for you to freshen up after a heavy sweat sesh. The outlet at Suntec City offers a fantastic array of equipment as well. A quick tour around the gym and you'll find a plethora of state-of-the-art gym equipment, including Wattbikes, rowing machines, a Powerplate, and weight machines that use compressed air and air pressure to build strength and endurance. There is also a 30m sprint track and expansive studio spaces to accommodate classes of any nature.

The Fuze studio  at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)
The Fuze studio at Pure Fitness Suntec City (Image: The Pure Group)

3/4 Personalised guidance from experienced instructors

To kick start your fitness journey at Pure, a personal trainer will be assigned to you for a preliminary introduction of the gym along with a complimentary one-hour session to establish clear goals and training programmes for optimal efficiency. This is highly recommended as trainers take into account various injuries and physical limitations that you have to prevent from putting more pressure on pain points. For members who wish for a more personalised experience, head to Pure Fitness Suntec City, as it is the only location that is equipped with a private personal training studio for subsequent sessions with the trainer of their choosing to stay on course towards achieving their fitness goals. 

Similar to personal trainers at Pure Fitness, yoga teachers at Pure Yoga are also attentive to your needs (well, in my case, struggles) during lessons. During my Hatha 1 session, Sutton was very encouraging throughout the entire session. As I struggled to keep my balance, there was a gentle word of encouragement from her.

"Do not worry about falling," she said. "Falling is part of the journey." A great reassurance for beginners such as yours truly. She also brought attention to important points on my body during the sequence, such as how pointing your fingers upwards whilst doing the tree pose is a reflection of the sharpness of your mind—a point I would not have otherwise been aware of if not for guidance from a teacher. 

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4/4 Take your practice online

Purecast (Image: The Pure Group)
Purecast (Image: The Pure Group)

Most recently, the Pure Group launched its Purecast platform for members to access lessons from the comfort of their own homes. Conducted via Zoom, it offers over 200 Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness live-streamed classes weekly, and is a complimentary addition to all active Pure cardholders. Booking for classes can be made through the Pure 360 Lifestyle app, while sessions will also remain available to replay for the next 72-hours. 

It is an easy platform to navigate. Upon signing up on the booking application, members will be asked to filter their preferences to make searching for their favourite classes easily. To curb the midweek blues, I did a class on standing poses, as part of the beginner series led by a Hong Kong-based Pure Yoga teacher Gopal Palanisamy. One of the perks of Purecast is that it allows you to access lessons from teachers based regionally in addition to the local line-up. The class itself is an hour-long session that focused on fundamental techniques of the yoga practice which besides made me more aware of my form, served as a great pick-me-up in the middle of the work day too. 



It is also crucial for members to be well-informed about their yoga and fitness journeys. As such, besides live-streamed classes, Purecast also offers an array of specially curated talks that discuss areas of yoga philosophy, debunking myths about hot yoga, and even a nutrition series led by their team of nutritionists and dieticians, among many others. 

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If you're unsure of what to gift your inner circle for Christmas, consider the "Power Pack" available for non-members to gain access to all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga locations for a whole month. The package also includes two seven-day passes for friends, food vouchers, Pure apparel vouchers and yoga workshop vouchers to encourage a holistic lifestyle. 


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