Paige Parker — My Cannes Visual Diary


May 27, 2016 | BY Hayden Ng

The executive producer of local film Apprentice gives an insider look at the recent Cannes International Film Festival.


Photo: Luxbox.

Here’s a piece of good news for all local film supporters. Singaporean director, Boo Junfeng recently showed his new feature titled, Apprentice at the Cannes International Film Festival. Dubbed as the “Cannes hidden gem” by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is slated to open in Singapore on 30 June, and it’ll also be distributed in other countries including Turkey, Mexico, Hong Kong, China and France. 

For our society friends who have made plans to watch the movie, look out for a familiar name during the credits roll. The film’s executive producer is our long time Tatler friend, Paige Parker. Speaking about her debut experience as an executive producer, the arts enthusiast reveals: “It was about supporting Junfeng. I genuinely believe that he’s a rare talent. Instead of basking in fame, he’s unassuming, mindful and eager to create empathy and awareness. He’s more interested in telling the good tatler_tatler_stories that need to be told.”

Filmed in Australia and Singapore, Apprentice covers capital punishment — a subject that’s rarely explored and almost taboo here. “The story creates a framework for us to have feelings — almost empathy — for each character. The idea of exploring a prison story, given the controversial nature of death penalties including hanging, is a topic that I imagine will bring forth many conversations,” adds Paige.

Here, Paige shares with us her behind-the-scenes images from her Cannes trip.

Paige's visual diary

a.jpgReunion for the cast and crew of Apprentice.

Paige's visual diary

b.jpgSharing a laugh with Boo Junfeng, my friend and the director of Apprentice. This shot took place inside the Singapore pavilion along La Croisette of the Festival de Cannes. Behind us: ads for Apprentice as well as A Yellow Bird — both Singaporean films that premiered at Cannes. A Yellow Bird was the first feature film by local favourite film director, K. Rajagopal.

Paige's visual diary

c.jpgArriving in Cannes to find Fir Rahman, the young protagonist in Apprentice and veteran Malaysian actor, Wan Hanafi Su who is heaps of fun!

Paige's visual diary

dd.jpgPost premiere, producer Raymond Phathanavirangoon and I were basking in the afterglow.

Paige's visual diary

e.jpgXu Da Tan, Boo Junfeng and I were stealing a moment together after the standing-ovation at the premiere of Apprentice.

Paige wore Singapore-based womenswear label, Ong Shunmugam throughout the events at Cannes International Film Festival 2016. Her custom red cape gown (above) is also by Priscilla Shunmugam, founder and designer of Ong Shunmugam.