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The Scene 5 Things to Know About Netflix’s Anime, The Way Of The Househusband

5 Things to Know About Netflix’s Anime, The Way Of The Househusband

5 Things to Know About Netflix’s Anime, The Way Of The Househusband
By Andrea Saadan
April 09, 2021
The hilarious Japanese anime on Netflix is about a former yakuza boss who adopts a brand new occupation: being a stay-home husband

When it comes to shows and movies on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ and more, the struggle to decide on a new series or film to watch is a real one. 

And it doesn't help that Netflix releases new flicks and original shows every month. But we're not complaining. 

Just yesterday, the streaming giant debuted the popular anime The Way of the Househusband and it has quickly trended in Singapore. 

Get to know more about this Japanese anime based on a newly-minted househusband below.

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1/5 What is the storyline?

The Way of the Househusband is about Tatsu, a former yakuza boss who has resigned from committing violent crimes to be a stay-at-home husband for his wife Miku. 

Tatsu’s skills earned from using various weapons in his former life surprisingly comes in handy as a house husband. He handles everything from his wife's bento lunches to grocery shopping (while taking note of good deals).

2/5 Adapted from a manga

It is based on a popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kousuke Oono and published in the online manga magazine Kurage Bunch since 2018. It also had its own live-action drama that was a roaring success in Japan. 

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3/5 Each episode is broken into six smaller parts

Produced by Studio J.C.Staff, season one debuted yesterday (April 8) with just five episodes. Each episode is divided into six short scenes that focus on Tatsu as he adjusts to regular life at home as a stay-at-home husband.

4/5 You’ll want your own live-in personal chef

There’s something about watching Tatsu in an adorable apron (printed with the characters of his wife's favourite anime, no less) that makes the light-hearted show so enjoyable to watch. And you’ll definitely feel a tinge of #fomo and start wishing you had your own chef to prepare everything for you at the end of a hard and dull day at work too.

5/5 Is there a season 2?

There’s currently no word if The Way of the Househusband will be back for a second season. Neither Studio J.C.Staff nor Netflix has confirmed this.

Reviews are already out and the result is a mixture of praise and criticism from anime fans. But it wouldn't be a surprise if the anime is renewed for a second season especially since Netflix announced 15 other anime titles that will be coming to its platform in 2021, including Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 5) and more. 

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