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The Scene New Parents Review Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme, Available At Their HarbourFront Centre And Paragon Outlets

New Parents Review Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme, Available At Their HarbourFront Centre And Paragon Outlets

New Parents Review Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme, Available At Their HarbourFront Centre And Paragon Outlets
By Allyson Klass
September 06, 2019
Tatler Focus
Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Andrew and Stephanie Chia heeded professional advice by Mothercare's Nursery Advisors, who guided them in their first steps into the world of parenting

As first-time parents, it's absolutely normal to be overwhelmed by all the baby equipment available. New parents, Andrew and Stephanie Chia, felt exactly that and their cousin recommended that they speak to Mothercare’s Nursery Advisors, a complimentary service offered by Mothercare.

Stephanie and Andrew Chia
Stephanie and Andrew Chia

Who are Mothercare's Nursery Advisors? 

Trained and certified instore staff whose role is to guide parents through the overwhelming amount of information, answer questions first-time parents may have and help mummies and daddies navigate the world of baby products.

The three-step consultation process begins by understanding the couple's lifestyle demands, before educating them about relevant product categories, and finally shortlisting items that best suit their needs. Beyond being a personalised shopping concierge, the programme is designed to help new parents make informed purchase decisions under the guidance of professionals, so that they can focus on the more important aspects of their parenting journey.

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Andrew and Stephanie Chia tell us more about their consultation session with Amy Lim, a Mothercare Nursery Advisor who has been in the babycare industry for over 15 years.

Tell us about yourselves.
Andrew Chia (AC) Stephanie and I met in church and junior college back in 2003, when we were 15. We didn’t start dating until three years later, and got married in November 2014. I currently work at an integrated marketing agency, while Steph is in the asset management industry.
Stephanie Chia (SC) Andrew and I dated for eight years before he finally proposed! We had our first child in August, and I was lucky to have had a smooth pregnancy with little morning sickness. This gave me a lot more energy and time to enjoy the new life growing within me.

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Why did you decide to sign up for Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme?

SC I heard about the programme through my cousin, when I was asking for advice on certain baby products. It sounded interesting, but what made us decide to book an appointment was our first experience at a baby expo sale.
AC That was our first and last baby expo sale simply because it was so crowded and overwhelming. As complete novices, we honestly had no idea where to begin! When we started researching on baby products, there were so many products and variations available at all price points, and good-hearted family and friends all seemed to have the ‘best advice’. It was confusing separating the frills from the essentials. We decided expert help was needed and signed up for Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme.

How did the appointment with Amy, your Mothercare Nursery Advisor, go?

SC We’ve never been to something like this before so we actually didn’t know what to expect. It helped to hear that Amy has four children herself, so she came with a wealth of experience. Prior to the session, I thought that most of the shopping had to be done in advance. Amy helped us simplify the process into phases and categories, and that took off some stress.
AC The session took about two hours and was extremely informative. Initally, we were a bit worried that certain products may be pushed. On the contrary, Amy was very easy-going and pointed out products that could be combined (dual-use items), unnecessary, or not worth spending too much time or money on.
SC Amy also pointed out things that wouldn’t have crossed our minds. For example, she suggested buying big-ticket items, like the stroller, closer to my due date to maximise the warranty. And while some buys are a priority, others could be purchased later as our baby grows, so that helped us further refine our checklist. Based on her recommendations, our initial purchases include the Mothercare Camberley cot bed, a Cybex Mios stroller, sleepsuits and bodysuits, as well as washers and swaddles.

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Would you recommend Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme to other first-time parents?

AC Most definitely. It certainly helped make the learning curve more gradual for us. It was also great to be able to look at the various products without feeling the pressure to purchase. We’ve already shared the service with some of our friends who are expecting.

Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor Programme is available at HarbourFront Centre (Level 3) and Paragon (Level 5).

The HarbourFront Centre's 10,000 sq ft mega store, which won the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest range of baby equipment in Singapore, now boasts a fresh, new look. With experiential zones such as nursery inspiration room sets, a baby wearing area, and test tracks complete with different surfaces upon which you can test out strollers, the revamped store reimagines retail for both parents and children alike.


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