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The Scene May The Fourth: Disney+ Celebrates With New Star Wars Animated Series and Simpsons Spoof

May The Fourth: Disney+ Celebrates With New Star Wars Animated Series and Simpsons Spoof

(Image: Disney/Instagram)
(Image: Disney/Instagram)
By Camillia Dass
By Camillia Dass
May 04, 2021
Disney+ will also launch two virtual film tours that will take fans around popular Star Wars locations as well as iconic ships from the series

The most important day for fans of the Star Wars franchise is none other than May the Fourth, also known to us mere mortals as May 4. It is the day that Lucasfilms and its affiliates honour the iconic series with fans around the world. This year, Disney+ will be celebrating by releasing a new Star Wars animated series as well as a Simpsons short. 

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In late March, Disney+ released the trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch which is the brand new animated series from Lucasfilm.

They announced that the series would debut on May 4 on the streaming platform and that it would have a 70-minute long premiere before going on to stream new episodes every Friday, starting from May 7. 

Besides the Clone Wars spinoff, Disney+ will also be releasing a Simpsons short which will be titled, Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens From Its Nap.

The short will see characters from the Star Wars franchise enter the Simpsons' fictional town, Springfield. It features Maggie on a quest to find her stolen pacifier. The journey will take her face to face with Star Wars icons such as padawans, sith lords, familiar droids and rebel scum.

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Disney+ will also be releasing two extra videos, Star Wars Biomes and Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs.

These films will feature a close-up virtual tour of some of the film's most iconic locations such as Hoth, Tatooine, and the interior of some of the Star Wars ships such as the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

It's perfect for fans who want to learn more about the iconic show and is certainly the best way to spend this special day.

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