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Close Up Lunch with Tatler

Lunch with Tatler

Lunch with Tatler
By Frog Michaels
April 02, 2015

This month Frog Michaels, our Tatler columnist, dined with Iroshini Chua, Angel Wiluan and Loi Yan Yi. The venue was a hidden haven (watch the heels on those stairs, ladies) absolutely worth each and every step: Lewin Terrace just off Coleman Street.

This month Frog Michaels, our Tatler columnist, dined with Iroshini Chua, Angel Wiluan and Loi Yan Yi. The venue was a hidden haven (watch the heels on those stairs, ladies) absolutely worth each and every step: Lewin Terrace just off Coleman Street.

The restaurant is in a breezy black and white that used to be occupied by Flutes at the Fort. A beautifully executed fusion concept, the food that Lewin Terrace proffers is an ingenious meld of French and Japanese.

“Perfect!” declared Yan Yi who returned from Japan last week; she is a huge fan of both Japanese cuisine and culture. Her recent trip away was to the slopes of Niseko where the temperatures during the day varied so wildly they ranged from 1 degree to 12 degrees over the week.  Her latest focus however, is the Singapore wine vault [] in Jurong, for which she is in sole charge of the marketing. “We have this space in Jurong and have transformed it in to a wine store like no other; there’s even a zen, Japanese inspired garden that greets you upon entering, complete with a reflection pool. It’s extremely cool…and absolutely not what you’d expect for industrial Jurong.” The facility, which has just opened, doesn’t only store liquid assets for individuals with overflowing wine collections (it’s the first facility in the world to earn an ISO certification for fine wine handling), it will also have a members’ bar where you can relax and uncork a few bottles from your prized collection (due to open later this year).

Speaking of prized collections, Iroshini and Angel are both jewellery designers, although their creations couldn’t be more different. Iro focuses on stunning yet classic heirloom pieces where as Angel’s handmade jewellery from her Two Pigs jewellery line is deliciously edgy and irreverent.  

Never afraid to try new things, Iro - who knows all the facets of the gemstone business and can even cut gemstones - is launching a collaboration with society blogger Bon Bon Girl []. Together they will be creating a unique jewellery line with a smaller price tag and an edgier end result. A woman of many talents, it doesn’t – by any means – stop there. Nope, she’s also a GP, working weekday mornings at a practice in Alexandra that she shares with her husband, Kevin Chua []. And when she’s not working, she devotes an admirable amount of time to charity.

Talk turned to jewellery for a while, each of us having an opinion about what we like and don’t like. “Diamonds aren’t a girls best friend you know” Iro proffered. Not the talk you expect to hear from someone who deals in precious stones. My ears picked up, “…sunblock is.” She handed over a deliciously scented sunscreen that she and Kevin have just created and are selling at their clinic. It’s effortless to use, sinks in instantly and smells heavenly.

Angel’s trunk show is taking up most of her time this month, although she flew back from England just a few days ago. “I loved the Alexander McQueen Show at the V&A, it was utterly inspirational and very empowering. You really get the sense that he celebrated women in whatever form they came in.” “It has been great to get back home to Singapore and get designing. His retrospective provided the perfect fodder.” The show is on 17th and 18th of April [] and will be shared with two other designers. When she’s not making jewellery, she’s on the board of various charities and committees including the ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum). It is Asia’s answer to the V&A - and with her artistic flair, it suits her perfectly. People who have worn Angel’s sassy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometime classic creations include Kate Middleton, Princess Charlene of Monaco…and me. 


Favourite restaurant overseas?

London: Grand, French art deco style at Brasserie Zédel in London is an off-the-beaten-track recommendation from Angel.

New Zealand: Iroshini loved Blanket Bay with its spectacular views of the Glenorchy mountains and fresher than fresh produce.

Tokyo: The lady who knows Japan well, Yan Yi’s recommendations for this city are always good. Shima Steak House is her choice pick with its phenomenal kobe beef.

New York: It’s a lobang find, but I love this exquisite and achingly hip restaurant called Calliope nestled away in the East Village (Frog).

WE WENT TO: Lewin Terrace

WE ATE: A lot; we started with an incredible Japanese tasting platter (pictured), followed by a foie gras terrine, cod ‘swimming’ in a tea-style broth (my favourite course), hot plate wagyu and for those who could manage, an assortment of desserts.

WE DRANK: high grade sake and chablis.

WE WORE: Valentino & Jimmy Choo (Iroshini); Dice Kayek & Raoul (Angel), Celine & Joseph (Yan Yi); Michael Kors & Bottega Veneta (Frog)

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