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The Scene How to Spend Valentine’s Day in Singapore if You’re Single—and Ready to Splash the Cash

How to Spend Valentine’s Day in Singapore if You’re Single—and Ready to Splash the Cash

How to Spend Valentine’s Day in Singapore if You’re Single—and Ready to Splash the Cash
By Amelia Yeo
February 13, 2021
Single on Valentine's Day in Singapore? Do everything you want in the name of self-love, but make it luxurious

It's the most romantic day of the calendar year and you're looking forward to spending it alone for some much-needed rest and downtime. But whoever says it has to be a lonely affair?

Valentine's Day isn't reserved for couples only, and you can get a head start on your plans to pamper yourself silly this weekend because, well, nobody will love you more than you love yourself—and it's time to treat yourself.

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Here at Tatler, we're always happy to share ideas on how to get this done: 

(Image: Michael Held/ Unsplash)
(Image: Michael Held/ Unsplash)

1/4 Throw a party at sea

And keep it to eight, with absolutely not a single person more! Gather your nearest and dearest and make a day of it. Yachting has become an increasingly popular option in Singapore of late, and aptly so to curb our wanderlust. Whilst onboard, you'll not only get to explore the surrounding islands and swim in clearer waters just off the Southern beaches, but social butterflies will be thrilled to hop on to a couple of kayaks and paddleboards for the 'gram too. To make it extra special, treat your guests by hiring a private chef to prepare a full-course candlelit dinner at sunset.

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2/4 Deck your house in florals

Tired of seeing couples on the street with bouquets in hand? Do the same for yourself by filling your living area with the most beautiful arrangements, each inspired by the different nooks around the house. Get in touch with Singapore-based floral subscription service Wonderland Botanicals and they'll sort you out with weekly deliveries of interior-inspired blooms, each carefully put together in handcrafted vases. 

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(Image: Banyan Tree Spa)
(Image: Banyan Tree Spa)

3/4 Give yourself a break

Go off the grid this Valentine's Day weekend and escape to the city's oases for some respite. For an award-winning spa experience that uses traditional Asian techniques and herbs, we recommend heading to Banyan Tree Spa located on the 55th floor of Marina Bay Sands for their Sense of Place–Harmony Banyan signature experience. The 210-minute treatment includes a steam bath, body scrub, massage, bath, facial and hand or foot massage. The massage is also special, as it will see two therapists working in tandem to ease your aches and bring about a balanced sense of wellbeing. 

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4/4 Go on a (property) shopping spree

It's scientifically proven that the chemical messenger Dopamine is released every time you experience something new and exciting. And if shopping gives you that thrill, then we say: go for it. But if you're considering a second (or third) abode that you want decked out with a spacious patio and pool that you've always desired, why not take this time to comb through the luxury property market instead of hitting the retail shops? 

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