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The Scene Are You Doing F1 Like A Pro?

Are You Doing F1 Like A Pro?

Are You Doing F1 Like A Pro?
By Chong Seow Wei
By Chong Seow Wei
September 01, 2017

The breakneck speeds, the relentless cheers, the endless bottles of champagne, the private after, after-parties. How will you be enjoying the Singapore Grand Prix?

Like an Ace

  • You have exclusive access to the Paddock Club pit lane walk
  • The race champion thanks you in his winning speech
  • Your name is laser-marked onto a race car
  • You flag off race from track
  • Guests laugh at all your jokes, bad ones included
  • Sebastian Vettel graces your party
  • Lewis Hamilton asks for a wefie
  • Daniel Ricciardo greets you with a kiss on the lips
Image: SebVettelNews/Twitter
Image: SebVettelNews/Twitter

Or, not?

  • You have access to the Padang stage
  • You congratulate the race champion on Instagram Stories
  • Your laser pointer helps you track race cars on your TV screen
  • You get caught jumping on track mid-race
  • You laugh at all jokes, loudly
  • You are a plus-one at an F1-themed party
  • You follow Lewis Hamilton all night to get a picture
  • You dream of locking lips with Daniel Ricciardo

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