How 2017 Will Be Different For 5 Generation T Listers


January 20, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei

Some of us might have entered 2017 feeling the same, others different. Whatever it is, there are surely roads we've yet explored, goals yet achieved and time yet used to make a difference. What are some of our Gen.T listers' biggest priorities and plans this year? We had a chat with them, and here's what they had to say.

Image: Courtesy of Jaime Lee/Instagram

Jaime Lee

“This year, I’d like to be a better teammate to my team as we look to explore new grounds for The Paper Bunny. On a personal level, I hope to be a very present mother to my eight-week old son, but also hope to get more than 3 hours of continuous sleep soon!”

How 2017 Will Be Different For 5 Generation T Listers
Image: Courtesy of Bu Shukun/Facebook

Bu Shukun

“My biggest priority this year is to refocus my life. Not in the “lost and be found” way, but in the sense that I'm getting married this year! I’d like to shift my years of business building with Architology to family building. I hope to find a new equilibrium in life, where work and family move forward togther in harmony.”

Image courtesy of Hunn Wai/Facebook

Hunn Wai

“I'm a huge purveyor of two mantras: ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘It’s not so much what happens, as it is how one reacts to it’. So in this new year, I aim to be emboldened by optimistic energy to practice and spread active kindness and integrity in all the roles and domains I inhabit—from an industrial designer and a mentor, to a son and a brother, to a business partner and a life partner, to a friend and a citizen of the world—because action always equals reality.”

How 2017 Will Be Different For 5 Generation T Listers
Image: Courtesy of Boo Junfeng/Facebook

Boo Junfeng

“I am starting to write my third feature film this year, and my only wish right now, is that it won’t take me another 5 years to finish working on it!”

Image: Courtesy ofMoscow Philharmonic Orchestra

Wong Kah Chun

“One of my top resolutions this year is to get my driver’s licence. I can play the piano and conduct an orchestra, but have failed the practical test five times over the past 10 years. On a more serious note, it will soon be announced that I’ve been appointed to a major role in a respected orchestra overseas, which came to me as a big surprise but I’m excited to advance in this position.”