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The Scene Editors' Picks: The Self-Care Christmas Wish List

Editors' Picks: The Self-Care Christmas Wish List

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(Image: Hert Niks/Unsplash)
By Tatler Singapore
December 22, 2020
What would the Tatler team ask for this Christmas, if they could have anything they wanted?

With news of Phase 3 and progress in vaccinations, 2020 is set to end on a good note, and the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities gives us added reasons to celebrate. After a long and tumultuous year, we ask the Tatler team for the most indulgent gifts on their wish list.

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“It’s been a tough year, to say the least, and it’d be nice to cap it off with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in Everose Rolesor. I’ve been eyeing this collection for a while; this variant hits the sweet spot of being functional and dressy at the same time. Plus, its GMT function reminds me that it can be even more useful when we can start travelling again.”

Terence Limeditor

“In another life, I would be living with three newly-adopted cats this Christmas. However, some sense of pragmatism prevails and instead, this cat lady gifted to herself a MacBook Air.

Like magpies drawn to shiny objects, I was drawn to these sleek new gadgets; also the death knell recently sounded for my much-abused Windows-operated laptop.

So, I am now fully co-opted into the Apple system–from the watch, mobile, laptop and desktop–for pure convenience’s sake!

I’m also currently eyeing the new iPad Air, ironically not because of the upgraded technical specifications but for the chance to draw with the magnetically-paired Apple Pencil (2nd generation), thereby using the stylus with a very expensive e-sketchbook. #creativepriorities”

Hong Xinying, managing editor, Tatler Homes Singapore

“I’m not alone in professing love for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambitit is the most-watched scripted limited series to date on the streaming platform—so I’m lusting over this beautiful chess set from Hermès. Do I play chess you ask? Not really, but I think I’ll be more inspired to practise opening sequences with my husband over the holidays if I had this at home. Actually, a smaller orange box under the tree would be equally appreciated, especially if it contains a Chaine d’Ancre jewellery piece.”

Kissa Castañeda, editor-in-chief

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“The company of close friends and family kept my spirits up this year, but what also keeps me going is music. I have Loote, David Garrett and BTS on heavy rotation, but my favourite new discovery this year is Ruel. Oh, what a voice this young Australian singer-songwriter has that belies his 18 years. So soulful that his fans want to keep him their little secret. (Sorry, not sorry … but thanks for sharing!)

And since I have his latest Bright Lights, Red Eyes EP on loop for the past month, perhaps it’s time to gift myself a wireless speaker with bass worthy of his rich, resonant voice. I have my eye on the Devialet Gold Phantom, which would fit right in my living room. Or the Devialet Phantom Reactor in matte black on my work desk for that burst of energy should writer’s block come a-knocking.”

Hashirin Nurin Hashimisub-editor

(Image: Escentials)
(Image: Escentials)

“I’m obsessed with scents! For me, during this rainy season in December at home, it definitely feels luxurious to have a different scent in every room of the house. For the living room, there’s nothing more beautiful (and fancy) than a classic Fornasetti candle, which is a work of art that features the enigmatic face of the Italian artist Piero Fornasetti’s muse Lina Cavalieri. It also happens to smell amazing.

For the kids’ rooms, Diptyque’s electric diffuser is safe, compact, looks gorgeous on the wall and you can swap around the scent cartridges depending on your mood. Other candles I love and will continue to have on my wish list include Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Byredo and Cire Trudon.”

Daphne Chen-Cordeirodigital content director

“All these time spent at home in 2020 has inspired me to improve my personal and workspace, and it has been a work-in-progress since the circuit breaker. From freshly painted walls and vinyl floor tiles to a new table (to accommodate both my work and gaming set-ups) and cabinets, it is definitely coming together nicely, and I think Samsung's The Premiere LSP9T projector would be the cherry on top to transform my room into a home cinema as well. It helps that it's an ultra-short throw beamer, so I won't have to worry too much about space constraints for a high-quality Netflix session.”

Chloe Peksenior writer

“While I would be more than thrilled to own one of a handful of home barista machines (La Pavoni and the GS3 from La Marzocco, included), a somewhat recent introduction to the PL162T Bianca from Lelit has had me craving a whole new experience.

Any coffee lover can appreciate the convenience of an expertly pulled espresso in the comfort of your home, anytime you feel like having one. But this machine allows for fuss-free customisation that would make even the most fastidious and fickle-minded drinker reconsider their preferred styles of espresso. I’m not talking about favouring a straight-up short black over a ristretto, or catering to a variety of fine grinds. I’m talking about deciding how long or short you prefer your pre-infusion and experimenting with pressure profiling (adjusting the water flow and pressure as you pull a shot). To boot, this machine boats walnut wood for the portafilter handle, pressure paddle, levers, knobs and feet. Thank you, Santa; I promise to wake up and make you a nice cuppa anytime you decide to swing by.”

Don Mendoza, dining content director

“It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. Although what I truly want is for 2021 to be a much better year for everyone, I do have a pretty extensive wish list for Santa as well. 

I've had my eye, for a while, on the Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro—an LED face mask that is likely the only tech device that I've ever been this enthusiastic about. It's a wrinkle-reducing and acne-fighting mask that seems like it could probably help me achieve one of my life goals: glass skin. I imagine lying down on my bed after completing my skincare routine each night, with this fitted on my face. Who knows, this could even save me a couple of extra visits to the aesthetician.”

Andrea Saadan, assistant digital editor

“The theme of self-care has been front and centre in many of our lives this year. And for me, a great workout session never fails to lift my spirit, especially when I'm feeling extra stressed out. I've been thinking of ways to supplement my home workouts, and I figured why not get a spin class pack at Absolute Cycle to experience their latest classes at Zouk Singapore?

It’ll provide a great endorphin boost, I reckon, and I’ll also be able to do it alongside friends for that added motivation and accountability. Otherwise, I have my eyes set on an at-home bike from CruCycle so sweat sessions become more seamless as I continue working from home in 2021.”

—Amelia Yeo, writer


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