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September 13, 2017 | BY Jane Ngiam

Online shopping has irrevocably changed the landscape of retail.

Many will remember that the tagline for Yellow Pages was, “Let your fingers do the walking”. In the days before the internet, this thick tome, delivered to our homes every year or collected from the post office, was every household’s only reference for the locations and contact numbers of businesses.

That tagline is ironically still relevant today, as online shopping means that we search for goods and services with the click of our mouse or the tap of a finger on our smartphones and tablets. The internet has arguably become the shopping portal used by millions around the world. But even for those who adore the comfort, convenience and choices that online shopping offers, the luxury of shopping in a mall is still very alluring.

This issue, we introduce eight such believers in the irreplaceable experience of shopping in a mall. Each of our lively personalities on the cover—Pauline Chan, Sammi Lim, Jeffrey Piak, Fanty Soenardy, Serene Tan, Yenny Then, Thomas Welte and Stella Yang—are familiar faces at Ion Orchard.

While they are also online shoppers, they tell us that in-store shopping is an incomparable experience. That is no real surprise, as luxury stores are known to go the extra mile to ensure their clients get best-in-class service and exclusive experiences that only in-store shopping can offer. Malls such as Ion Orchard, as well, also attract and retain top spenders with their finelytuned mix of shops and dining establishments, and their concierge services. In fact, Ion Orchard is celebrating its eighth anniversary this year with greater revenue, customer loyalty, and store success than ever.

The same goes for The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, which touts itself as Singapore’s premier luxury shopping destination. Its vice president of retail, John Postle, tells us, “At the end of the day, the luxury shopping environment cannot be well replicated online. When it comes to a high-value item, you not only want the satisfaction and excitement of being able to walk out of the store with it, but also the experience of enjoying champagne in the VIP lounge while everybody fusses over you. You want to be recognised as the high-value client that you are.”

We like to think that with inspiration, shopping can be done anywhere. Therefore, this issue, we bring you some of the best things money can buy. From fashion, watches and jewellery to dining experiences, cars and holidays, let your fingers do the shopping.

We will soon be moving into the final quarter of the year. The season for reflection, relaxation and celebration is almost upon us, but for now, kick back and enjoy the rest of September.

See you next month!  

All my best,

Jane Ngiam

Group Editor, Singapore Tatler

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