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Close Up Editor's Note: The February 2017 Issue - Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong

Editor's Note: The February 2017 Issue - Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong

Editor's Note: The February 2017 Issue - Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong
By Jane Ngiam
February 07, 2017

This month, we dive into bed with the winsome twosome will be tying the knot in July after some 12 years of dating.

As a celebrity, Cheryl has been in the limelight and even before that, when she was the face for her parents’ beauty lifestyle chain, Jean Yip. Roy, on the other hand, has managed to stay under the radar apart from a spate of acting as a child. In their Singapore Tatler exclusive on p.110, they reveal the journey of their public-private relationship, shed light on the hurdles they’ve crossed together, and what made them realise they were right for each other. 

One of the statements in their interview that struck me most was how, when the going got tough, they asked themselves why they were together. I think there’s great truth in that—whether you’ve been married one year or 10, or even 50 years, answering that question honestly will guide you and give direction to your actions. 

I’m one of those romantics who want to believe that love is simple. When you fall in love, whether it’s with someone or with a beautiful object, your feelings are evoked in a way nothing else can illicit. Rather than keep the joy to yourself, you’ll want to shout it to the world and tell others how it’s changed you or made you more wholesome as a person.

Last December, society couple Bobby and Shaila Hiranandani got hitched in what was perhaps the year’s most spectacular wedding. After months of preparations, the week-long extravaganza was a veritable fashion parade and logistical operation involving an army of staff—something their hundreds of guests are unlikely to forget for years to come. Ahead of the Singapore Tatler Weddings coverage of their celebrations coming up in May this year, we give you the highlights here.

While producing this month’s issue, team Tatler fell in love too—with the jaw-dropping Garden of Kalahari diamonds by Chopard. Watches and jewellery associate editor Karishma Tulsidas was invited to Geneva to be the first from Singapore to view the stunning set of type IIa diamonds yielded from the 342-carat Queen of Kalahari rough. With its unquestionable provenance and desirability, lucky is the woman whose neck, ears or fingers the diamonds will end up adorning.

Our interviewees in this issue also remind us that love and passion go hand in hand. Whether it’s being inspired by your job like Andrew Quake of concierge service provider Aspire Lifestyles is with delighting others  or bringing hope and awareness to others through your work like the recipients of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, examples of love are easily found all around us.

We hope you will be as inspired by the Tatler stories this month, as we were in bringing them to you. Here’s a toast to love, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  

All my best,
Jane Ngiam
Group Editor


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