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Close Up This Is A New Era For Tatler Asia

This Is A New Era For Tatler Asia

This Is A New Era For Tatler Asia
By Michel Lamunière
March 09, 2020
A new generation of entrepreneurs and creatives are transforming what high society means—and Tatler Asia is transforming with it

For more than four decades, Tatler in Asia has been synonymous with status, reflecting the evolving tastes and culture of the region’s most powerful and elite. When my family acquired this wonderful media brand here nearly 15 years ago, it was true that the somewhat outdated and restrictive notion of high society that Tatler had traditionally represented was still very much alive.

But after taking the reins of the business four years ago, I quickly could see that it was beginning to change, and that a new, more inclusive view was on the horizon. In the past, people were valued only by their wealth, their business acumen or the prominence of their families, but now a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are doing the most amazing things and, as a result, tremendously widening the standards of who can be seen as successful, powerful, influential or stylish today.

And so Tatler, too, has evolved to encompass all of the different facets of what a rich, dynamic ‘society’ should be. With our March issue, we proudly introduce a new design that better reflects the fast-changing perceptions of the region both at home and abroad, one that is not confined to a small group of influential families but that embraces Asia’s most influential and successful people.

This is the New Asia, an economic powerhouse that is being redefined by individuals from different cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds who all share an aspiration to be excellent. I think there is also a common trait among them of wanting to be purposeful in their lives by making a positive impact on society at large, through investments, commitments to sustainability, and forward-thinking work that transcends regional borders. It has been said that the 21st century will be the Asian Century, and two decades in we have just begun to see the potential of its dominance economically as well as culturally.

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Tatler is not just a magazine. It is a community of Asia’s most powerful, influential and stylish people who together are making a more beautiful, generous, creative and sustainable world.

Michel Lamunière

To tell this story, global artistic director Joe Zee and his team created an unprecedented portfolio featuring portraits of 117 movers and shakers whom our editors identified as being emblematic of our new vision of the Tatler community. These include not only the socially minded scions of wealthy families who are using their strengths to do good, but also chefs, designers, environmentalists and entrepreneurs who embody the three core pillars of what I believe is a more modern view of social currency: Power, influence and style.

Power is about being a leader and the capacity to make change, which I think is important as we look at new business opportunities happening throughout Asia, particularly with technology and fashion start-ups that drive new energy and fuel growth in the region. Influence refers to the notion of people who have a certain authority or expertise being able to command the attention of a larger circle, to set trends, to think differently and to change norms. And style is not just about wearing the latest fashion or the right watch. It’s about how you behave, your level of taste and your values.

Singapore Tatler's March issue cover star—Lynn Ban
Singapore Tatler's March issue cover star—Nathan Hartono
Singapore Tatler's March issue cover star—Wee Teng Wen

For me, a healthier view of society means more than just legacy families. It should include all the legacies created by award-winning and accomplished people across Asia that resonate around the world, in business and culture, in food, fashion, design, travel and innovation. Now more than ever, the world needs strong leadership with a certain level of empathy and the capacity to send a message of optimism. Tatler is not just a magazine. It is a community of Asia’s most powerful, influential and stylish people who together are making a more beautiful, generous, creative and sustainable world.

Times may be difficult, but the challenges we face today—together—will make us tougher and more resilient, as history has proven time and time again. There is a light at the end of this tunnel of darkness. It is our mission that in these pages you will find not only inspiration, but also hope.

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