A Lesson In Love, By Five Society Pooches

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February 13, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei

Because love can be ruff.     

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog was thinking when it refused to respond to its given nicknames (aww) or when it's licking your feet endlessly (umm), wonder no more. Our resident dog whisperer—sorry, this person is not for hire—has a heart-to-heart with society’s best friends.

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“You don't love someone for their looks, clothes or fancy cars—although mum Elaine and dad Kok Weng have all that in spades. The only thing that matters is they sing a song only I can hear.”
Tin Tin Chan


“I get upset when dad Chris leaves me at home, because I never know how long he will be away for. Yet what they say is true: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Every time he returns, it feels like it’s my birthday; I get so excited! Plus I get lots of biscuits and bones when he’s around.”
Coco Wilson


“When is Valentine’s Day again? You know, it’s all pointless if you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you want to show your love, lick some toes like I do. My daddy Eric’s are by far the best! It’s just so… bittersweet.”
Woofy Khoo


“Love is so many things to me! Love is when my sisters Happy and Bee play with me for a long time, when mum Paige takes me for long walks, and when dad Jim lets me lick his hand. I have to do it secretly or when mum isn’t around though, because it drives her crazy!”
—Bella Sage Parker Rogers


“Meaghan and Johannes call me by many names—Tim Tam (my official moniker), Tim Tan, Timmy—although I mostly respond to the last of the three. However, what’s consistent is the belly rubs and treats they shower me with. Any day I receive those is Valentine's Day for me, so that must mean it’s every day!”
Tim Tam See