The Princess Diaries: Harumi Ochi

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February 23, 2017 | BY Denise Li

Harumi Ochi the ultimate fashion warrior princess talks about gowns, daring styles and bold designs.

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Harumi Ochi loves her gowns. So much, in fact, that there’s a room in her mum’s apartment that’s dedicated to storing her prized possessions. “I own more gowns than I have events to wear them to,” laughs the affable 27-year-old Japanese-Singaporean.

 Coming from a family where the women aren’t afraid to go all out and experiment with daring styles, this should come as no surprise. “My obsession came about in my early teens, where I’d wear my mum’s dresses. I’ve always been inspired by her bold, daring style,” she shares. Harumi favours designers such as Isabel Marant, Isabel Sanchez, Marchesa, Elie Saab and Paolo Sebastian for gala events, but she also appreciates the understated femininity of Valentino and Armani for casual dinner dates. 


As a healthcare professional who has to stick to a more minimalist aesthetic at work, however, her Bali wedding in October 2015 was the perfect opportunity for her to pull out all the stops and live out the ultimate princess fantasy. “I couldn’t decide on just two or three dresses, so I decided to wear all the eight dresses I got for the occasion,” she says. This includes a one-of-a-kind dress that celebrated Indonesian designer Hian Tjen—who’s also a personal friend—created just for Harumi.  

 Photography: Lionel Lai/AcePix

Hair and make-up: Leny Fu/PaletteInc using La Biosthétique and Nars