What Makes One A Super Hero? 9 Women Tell Us What They Think

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June 20, 2017 | BY Singapore Tatler

Wonder woman isn't just a fictional character. 

Not all heroes wear capes—some of them wear stilettos while conquering the world.

When Lisa Crosswhite, founder of Chi Chi Von Tang, set out to design her anime-inspired collection, she sought inspiration from 'everyday' super heros—real women, making huge waves in their respective communities.

Here's what 9 different strong women have to say about what makes one (and them) a real life hero.

Rosalyn Lee (1) (Medium).jpg

“A girl who knows the power of her flames.”
Rosalyn Lee, radio DJ

Liv Lo (1) (Medium).jpg

“Being a voice to create environmental awareness.”

Liv Lo, host and eco-advocate


“The ability to calm people by channeling positive vibes.”

- Nadia Rahmat, model and events manager


(On the right, pictured with Lisa Crosswhite)

“Being an 'all-in-one woman'. Also, juggling a.k.a multi-tasking!”

Dr. Jade Kua, paediatric emergency specialist

EVE - elaine kim - lisa von tang.jpg

(Pictured in the middle)

“God gives me the supernatural strength to be a mum to three boys, while being an entrepreneur, doctor, travel writer, and running social enterprise Crib.”

- Dr. Elaine Kim, doctor and co-founder of Crib

Hanli Hoefer (1).jpg

“To be completely and unapologetically yourself. Never shy away from who you are”

Hanli Hoefer, MTV VJ

Paige Parker.jpg

“My super power is surrounding myself with super people, who feed my soul while challenging, encouraging and loving me.”

-Paige Parker, gemologist

Sabrina Van Cleef Ault.jpg

“My ability to transcend dull reality, with the magic of nature and creativity.”

Sabrina Ault, creative director

Wanying Lim - Tiara Shaw - Ria Hoban.jpg

(Pictured second from the left)

“To be strong when I need to be, and also soft when I need to be.”

- Wanying Lim, private wealth banker

Photos: Courtesy of Chi Chi Von Tang

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