6 Gifts To Not Give On Valentine’s Day


February 5, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei

It's called Valentine's Day, not I-got-dumped-for-buying-a-lousy-gift day. Some of our Tatler friends weigh in on the presents they wish to never get, again or ever.

Photograhpy: Darren Gabriel Leow

A Star Named After You
“The individual even had an official certificate from the organisation that he paid to do this, and it came in a self-made frame. It was sweet, because I have two black star tattoos that I love. However, I think these star-naming services are money-making gimmicks. Also, if you are going to name something after someone, you’d think to get the spelling of their name right, no? Well, not my gifter.”
—Nicolas Travis

6 Gifts To Not Give On Valentine’s Day

Any Physical Proof of Your Narcissism
“I once got a CD from a suitor that was beautifully gift-wrapped and assumed it was a curated compilation of love songs. When I played it, however, it was actually a montage of photos of him and songs about himself. It looked like a sales kit, and I ended up using it as a coaster for my drinks.”
—Cheryl Lee


Loaded Gifts
“Cliché items such as jewellery and flowers are great, but it depends on who the gifter is! For some, an unwarranted gift could mean any bout of excitement felt about it potentially ending with anxiety!”
Lydia Lim

6 Gifts To Not Give On Valentine’s Day

Goldfish, or Any Type of Fish (Dead or Alive)
“Someone thought a goldfish in a glass bowl would make a cute gift for me, but thing is, I am terrified of live fish. I had to beg a friend to take care of it for me and keep it in their fish tank. Thinking about it now still gives me the creeps! Besides, giving a pet as a gift throws the sudden responsibility on the recipient to take care of it, whether they want to or not.”
Nada Jumabhoy


Someone Else’s Gift To You
“The worst present I can imagine receiving would be a regifted item from your other half's ex-lover, with the card filled with that person's heartfelt words that was never read still attached onto the gift.”
—Adrian Ng

6 Gifts To Not Give On Valentine’s Day

Household Appliances
“Vacuum cleaner, washing machine… anything that isn’t specially picked out for him or her, and benefits you too is, in my opinion, the worst gift. A gift is supposed to be a symbol of your love, and not a sign of your pragmatism or thoughtfulness for the household. The only exception, perhaps, is a new car.”
Celina Lin