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Close Up 10 Minutes With... The Tatler Nose

10 Minutes With... The Tatler Nose

10 Minutes With... The Tatler Nose
By Singapore Tatler
November 10, 2016

He is the newest member on the Singapore Tatler team whose sole obsession and preoccupation is to sniff out the best life has to offer—whether it’s fashion, beauty or food. Here, Leon Ghadavi-Gonzalez (aka The Singapore Tatler Nose) takes time to answer our questions ahead of his first day at work tomorrow.

We can’t figure out your lineage. Are you French?
Tatler Nose No, a lot more complicated. My father is half Argentinian, half Indian. My mother is half Chinese, half Swiss.

We were told to call you The Nose. What’s your actual name?
Leon Clément Ghadavi-Gonzalez Chen Ing-Rong. It’s ridiculous. Try monogramming that on an LV trunk. I’m the only child and only grandchild, so you can see both sides pinned their generational hopes on me by claiming naming rights.

You just moved here to Singapore?
TN Yes, I spent the past five years living in London, which I love, but I thought I should get some adventure into my life before I become old and lose my appetite for it. A couple of months back, this opportunity came up at Singapore Tatler and I went for it. Maybe it’s too early to say but I’m really loving it here in Asia. Singapore’s unbelievably similar to London (except here, the trains get repaired within the day).

Have you settled in?
TN Yes! I found a beautiful walk-up apartment off Orchard Road. I can walk to Ion on a cool day (without my turtleneck sweater). I can cycle to the Botanic Gardens. And it’s just 10 minutes from the office. Only thing missing now is my dog. He’s on his way here.

Oh, what breed?
TN English Bull.

What’s your current obsession?
TN What’s not my current obsession? Let’s see, I’m loving everything by Tom Dixon now. Lamps, pens, decanters…  

Your latest indulgence?
A bottle opener in the shape of a duck face by Asprey. I paid way too much for it.

Favourite designer?
For fashion, Raf Simons and Kim Jones. For furniture, Piero Lissoni.

Favourite night-time snack?
Kettle chips. Unsalted.

Most underrated piece of clothing for men?
Socks. Make them wool and keep them thin.  

So what’s the first project you’re working on at Tatler?
TN Louis Vuitton has asked me to critique its line of seven fragrances. I’m having trouble picking my favourite, to tell you the truth. My video debuts tomorrow evening.

Some people in the office say you’re a snoot.
TN I’m a quality snoot, yes. I think life is too short for mediocrity and sub-standards. Just the other day, someone was asking me to try this Singaporean dish called Chai-something?

Chye tow kway?
TN Yes, that! And he said not to bother trying the one at Zion Road because I had to wait an hour.  I asked him, “Is that the best one?”, and he said, “Yes”. So I said, “Then, I’ll wait.” I have trouble settling for second best. 

What then in your opinion would be the best experiences to have this month?  
TN I’d say, have dinner at Luke’s Oyster Bar on a Thursday night. Invest in a pair of Saint Laurent velvet shoes. Sleep in pyjamas—it’s such a charming practice (I love Muji and Thom Browne). Go to the Botanic Gardens for a jazzy Sunday with a picnic basket. And… try turning off your mobile phones for an entire Sunday. It’s a magical experience for me but I’d imagine half of you Singaporeans would lose your minds.


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