Tippling Club


38 Tanjong Pagar Road, S(088461)

6475 2217



Opening Hours Noon–midnight (Monday to Saturday), Closed Sundays



Accept Credit CardYes


What to imbibe: Campfire, Sonic Negroni, Rain, Forest

Where ultra-progressive modern gastronomy restaurant and bar concepts are concerned, Tippling Club has always led the charge. It was one of the first dining establishments in Singapore to pair tasting menus with craft cocktails to serve up a visceral culinary experience with a touch of theatricality. Now, on the cusp of a decade since its opening, it boasts an innovative bar programme led by Joe Schofield, formerly from London’s luxurious The Savoy. Upping the stakes in the multisensory drinking game, their Sensorium cocktail menu calls upon our senses of taste and smell. Each cocktail comes with a corresponding scent created by International Flavours and Fragrances exclusively for this collaboration. The aim is to stir up their guests’ emotions and memories, and to intensify the drinking experience by imbuing the taste of the cocktails with more body and added dimension. It is this forwardthinking line of action and holistic approach to experimentation that continues to set the Tippling Club apart in both the gastronomic and bar scenes.

“Well curated cocktails paired with innovative food. They focus on aromas. The ‘Sensorium’ cocktails will stimulate all five, or may be even six, of your senses.” – Kyoko