The Secret Mermaid


10 Collyer Quay, B1-08 Ocean Financial Centre, S(049315)


Opening Hours 5pm–11pm (Monday to Friday), Closed Saturdays and Sundays



Accept Credit CardYes


What to imbibe: Dragonfruit Daiquiri, Spicy Gin & Tonic, Rose Oolong Negroni, Study in Scarlet

The Secret Mermaid seats only 15 and has a maximum capacity of 25 people. It is, nonetheless, a cocktail bar and tasting room that places the burgeoning American craft spirit movement in the spotlight. It is affiliated with Liberty Spirits Asia, a distributor with a mission to bring top craft distilleries from the US to our region by showcasing a plethora of whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums, and other innocuous-looking liquids that will most definitely help make the week seem a lot better. These guys are interested in spirits that veer away from the mainstream. How about a whisky using non-traditional grains such as millet or oat? Or an inventive vodka produced from fresh glacier water and smoked salmon? By working with small producers who aren’t focused on churning out bottles and pushing out volume, they’re able to find alternative spirits that can pique curiosities and serve the seasoned drinker looking for something different. What’s more, with over 60 labels handpicked from 23 distilleries, they’ve got the largest collection of American craft spirits in Singapore, so you can take your time giving all of them a go.

"It's where anyone can indulge their curiosities and learn more about craft spirits." — Singapore Tatler Editors