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Restaurant The Bar at Waku Ghin

The Bar at Waku Ghin

Bar, Marina Bay
  • ReservationYes
  • Accept Credit CardYes
  • Bring Your Own BottleNo
  • BuffetNo
  • Car ValetNo


What to imbibe: Sake Izakuchi with caviar, Yamaoroshi cocktail, Isojiman Daiginjo sake

Minimalist and impeccably designed, The Bar at Waku Ghin stands right at the entrance of the lauded two-Michelin-star restaurant by Chef Tetsuya Wakuda. The bar programme at this prestigious destination focuses on cleverly concocted Japanese-style cocktails such as the Yamaoroshi, which seamlessly weaves Wasabi Gin, cre`me de cacao, fresh cream and grated wasabi. Among the 85 handcrafted concoctions on its menu, the one that stands out the most for sheer decadence and luxury is the Sake Izakuchi cocktail served with a scoop of Oscietra Caviar. The bar is also stocked with a sumptuous medley of whiskies from Japan, America, Canada, Ireland and Australia, alongside a well-curated selection of sake including the exclusive Waku Ghin Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo M label produced for chef Tetsuya, who also happens to be the first person appointed a sake ambassador of Japan outside the country. We’d like some of that nihonshu, onegaishimasu.

“Pay attention to the sophisticated shake by master bartender Kazuhiro Chii, who is also a master of a martial art!” — Kyoko


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