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Restaurant Silk Road Restaurant

Silk Road Restaurant

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Sichuan, Beijing, Tanjong Pagar
  • ReservationYes
  • Private Room2
  • Accept Credit CardYes
  • Dress CodeSmart Casual
  • Vegetarian Dish5+
  • Bring Your Own BottleYes
  • BuffetNo
  • Corkage$30-$50/Bottle
  • Smoking AreaNo
  • Car ValetYes


Referencing the ancient trading route that ran through China, this restaurant focuses on the fiery cuisine of Sichuan and northeastern Chinese specialities, from roasted Peking duck to Shenyang dumplings. The menu features a good selection of dumplings and noodles made à la minute as chefs in the open kitchen can be seen twirling and stretching ribbons of noodles throughout the dinner service. Highlights include the spicy Sichuan diced chicken and twice-cooked sliced pork with fermented black soybeans and crisp bread “chips”—a clever and unique addition to an otherwise classic Sichuan dish. Shenyang pan-fried snowflake dumplings—with a crispy eggwhite crêpe holding the dumplings together—has a thin and delicate skin. This is also a good opportunity to sample Chinese grain or rice wines (in 100ml or 375ml sizes) instead of a Western option.


Let the waitstaff know your chilli tolerance, as they can adjust some of the spice to suit.


1. Stir-fried Wagyu beef with ginger and scallion
2. Boiled sliced fish with Sichuan spicy pepper sauce
3. Shenyang pan-fried snowflake dumplings
4. Traditional mapo tofu





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