Imperial Treasure Fine Shanghai Cuisine

Restaurant ・ Chinese

391 Orchard Road, #04-02 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238874

6836 6909


Lunch HoursMon-Fri 11.30am-3pm; Sat 11am-3pm; Sun 10.30am-3pm

Dinner HoursMon-Sun 6pm-11pm

Dress CodeSmart Casual




Private Room4

Accept Credit CardYes

Bring Your Own BottleYes

Smoking AreaNo


It’s a breath of fresh air that this stalwart in Chinese dining opted for a contemporary, elegant design rather than the traditional Eastern look we’re used to. It sets the mood for a relaxed dining experience of sumptuous Shanghainese fare, which you can pair with wines (from its decent selection) or Chinese teas. The dim sum selection always whets the appetite, especially the plump steamed pork dumplings; their handmade skins don’t break easily, but when you bite in, they give way to a warm, savoury broth and juicy meat. The sautéed prawns mixed with honey peas is also another crowd favourite; the addition of truffle oil gives it a delicious, modern twist. Don’t forget the pork belly, slow-cooked for hours to make it melt-in-the-mouth tender, then wrapped in white, pillowy steamed buns. The chefs show their skills with seafood, too, with the smoked eel fillet and the steamed soon hock fish fillet with black fungus and Chinese wine. Service is what you’d expect from a restaurant of this calibre—warm and attentive, even on busy weekends.

Tatler Tip(s)

If you join the restaurant group’s Imperial Treasure Club, you’ll be able to get special discounts and privileges at select outlets.