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Restaurant D.Bespoke


Bar, Chinatown
  • ReservationYes
  • Accept Credit CardYes
  • Bring Your Own BottleNo
  • BuffetNo
  • Car ValetNo


What to imbibe: Whatever you want, ask and you shall receive.

Taking the dignified rituals and stylings of the Ginza cocktail bar to the streets of Chinatown, the mood at Daiki Kanetaka’s D.Bespoke is all dapper and masculine from the tailored suits to the leather couches, down to the dark wood finishes. Tipples here are tailored to each individual’s taste after a brief consultation with the learned bartenders. If you manage to catch Kanetaka himself there, you will get the master craftsman—who has spent time training at the Ardberg and Glenfiddich distilleries in Scotland—mixing your first glass. They take their drinks very seriously here, as its impressive vault of Armagnacs, whiskies, sherries and barrels of cocktails (which have been aged for at least seven years) can surely attest. The trimmings of Japanese hospitality are also present with hot towels, plus dried fruit and nuts—adding even more polish to an experience that spills over with meticulous perfection.

“The bar equipment are traditional Japanese crafts handmade by skilful artisans. Instead of bar stools, they have big comfortable leather chairs for each guest. A very elegant and quiet place to be deep in thought.” — Kyoko


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