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Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge

Restore balance to your skin at Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, where the prestigious skincare brandcan be experienced in luxurious comfort Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge.

Women in many parts of the world love Sulwhasoo skincare because of its Asian-inspired philosophy and know-how, and its holistic approach to beauty. Since the launch of the second Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge at Ion Orchard in November 2016, fans of the brand have found a new, more luxurious way to experience the prestigious products.

The 1300sqft space cocoons you in an air of relaxation while images of plum blossoms, a symbol of beauty with elegance and integrity, tell of the kind of experience to unfold. It is here that skilled therapists rejuvenate the skin and restore vitality through the use of the brand’s potent creams, serums and essences using unique massaging techniques. Traditional applicator tools made of precious materials such as the jade ring and amber applicators are known to have a natural energy that increases the efficacy of each treatment.

In a bid to give customers in Singapore the best, the Sulwhasoo Spa 2.0 programme made its Southeast Asian debut here, offering extended treatment sessions that include the use of new applicators, products and massage techniques developed in Korea. A best-selling treatment, the Concentrated Ginseng Rejuvenating Treatment refreshes tired skin worn by the effects of ageing using the signature Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line, which boosts skin’s self-renewing ability while the jade ring applicator balances the body’s yin and yang for a youthful complexion. Other popular treatments include the TimeTreasure Renovating Treatment to counter ageing, and the Snowise Brightening Treatment that evens out the skin using the Snowise Brightening line with a white jade applicator to boost blood circulation.

Bring harmony and balance to your skin at Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounges at Ion Orchard, Capitol Piazza and Westgate Mall.

The TimeTreasure Renovating treatment starts with a foot spa—a promising start to the facial. As you lie on a comfortable heated bed, a hands-only massage is then used to lift, tone and restore vitality to the face. The two face masks will leave you yearning for a longer massage. You’ll observe a slight firmness in the skin post-treatment; a second session may amplify this effect.

— Shabnam Arashan

Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge's Signature Treatments: 

  • Concentrated Ginseng Rejuvenating Treatment
  • TimeTreasure Renovating Treatment
  • Snowise Brightening Treatment
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