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La Source Spa

From pre-wedding rituals to heal and recharge to hair treatments, you’ll find a full suite of services for all your beauty and well-being needs at La Source Spa.

Monday: Scalp treatment at Tanglin. Friday: Facial and waxing at River Valley. Sunday: Body massage in Sentosa. If that sounds like a weekly entry in your beauty planner, you’ll welcome multi-concept urban sanctuary La Source Spa—more so if you’re a busy bride-to-be.

Thanks to its full suite of premium face, body and hair services including eyebrow embroidery and haircuts, it has come to be known as a place where all your beauty and wellness treatments can be done. Its luxurious interiors boast comfortable resting lounges, large treatment rooms including a couple room, in-room shower facilities, Jacuzzi and a hair salon where skilled therapists get to work to help you refresh, recharge and revitalise. Whether it’s a Figure 8 body or contoured V-face that you want, every treatment is thoughtfully designed to address unique needs—and men aren’t left out.

Impeccable service aside, La Source Spa takes a back-to-nature approach to wellness by using only natural products. Its effective face and body product range, INNI by La Source, is made with botanical and source-traceable ingredients without preservatives, additives, parabens and synthetic fragrances, making it safe and effective. Enhance and prolong the results of your spa treatment by taking home INNI by La Source. You’ll find that with its specific head-to-toe treatments, confidence is attained naturally at La Source Spa.

The spa has a metropolitan vibe, staff are skilled and attentive, and treatment rooms comfortable. Having just returned from a long trip, we left the spa feeling refreshed and red-carpet ready. The masseuse was able to knead away knots in our neck, shoulders and back. Post-facial, our pores felt squeaky-clean and our skin hydrated and glowing.

— Shuyi and Justin Liok

La Source Spa's Signature Treatments include: 

  • La Purifier Facial
  • La Rejuvenation Massage
  • Eyebrow Embroidery 
15 Scotts Road, #01-03/04 Thong Teck Building+65 6732 1318

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