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Art Design How To Add Instant Glamour To Your Home

How To Add Instant Glamour To Your Home

How To Add Instant Glamour To Your Home
By Michele Koh Morollo
May 03, 2017

Hint: It's got to do with crystal chandeliers.

The Jewel collection from Windfall. All images courtesy of Windfall Asia

If you're in search of a way to add instant glamour to your living space, look to the crystal chandeliers of Windfall. Co-founded by Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans in Munich, Germany in 2004, Windfall specialises in crafting contemporary chandeliers that incorporate floating crystal forms illuminated by cascading lights.

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Over the years, Windfall has collaborated with Cartier, Harry Winston, Roberto Cavalli, Montblanc, and renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, on projects around the world; Windfall Asia was established in Singapore to specifically care for and service Asia-based clients.

Nancy Chen, director of Windfall Asia, shares more about the beauty of crystal chandeliers and how you can incorporate such glamorous lighting into any space.

The Balance chandelier from Windfall

What makes crystal lighting so unique?

Nancy Chen The appeal of crystal is timeless and magical. It mesmerises with its random refraction and reflection of light, which creates a spectrum of colours and lively sparkle. At Windfall, we think of ourselves as jewellers of light, adding luxury and elegance to any space.

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Our chandeliers are not just household lighting, but also objets d’art as the crystals surrounding the bulbs reveal their beauty. A soft romantic mood is evoked with low lighting output, while at higher intensities of illumination, the crystals produce a brilliant play of dancing light.

Almost all the crystals used in Windfall’s creations are manufactured by Swarovski. The crystals used for the Serene collection are manufactured by Lalique. Most of the chandeliers are constructed so the bulbs are incorporated within the main structure of the light. This light is then transformed and multiplied by the intrinsic light-diffusing properties of the crystals that adorn the chandelier.

Are crystal lights suitable for apartments and smaller spaces?

NC Many of our designs are modular, and thus, can suit apartments and smaller spaces. We can configure the composition as large or as small as the client wishes, and provide a customised design. The possibilities are endless — even a small cluster can add a touch of sophistication to a space.

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The Sissi portable crystal lamp from Windfall

What should one do to upkeep crystal lights?

NC For designs with larger crystal elements, simply wipe the surfaces of the crystals with a soft damp cloth. For designs with smaller, more intricate pieces of crystals, spray pure distilled water on the crystals then let the pieces dry naturally so no residue is left behind on the crystals.

Windfall Asia is located at 2 Kallang Avenue, #09-22, CT Hub (by appointment only), Tel: 6604 9381. Visit for more information.


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