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Art Design When Leica Meets The Hour Glass, You Get The “Brass Edition 35”

When Leica Meets The Hour Glass, You Get The “Brass Edition 35”

When Leica Meets The Hour Glass, You Get The “Brass Edition 35”
By Hayden Ng
January 21, 2016

Made from full matte brass and limited to 35 pieces worldwide, this extravagant camera model is definitely a collector’s must-have.

Cameras are great at capturing those precious moments in our lives but if there’s one thing that bugs us, it’s got to be the fact that many camera designs just scream “Tourist!”. Where's the style? When the powers of Leica and The Hour Glass combine, our camera prayers are answered with an exquisite model that boasts both function and style.

Meet the ultra-exclusive Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35”. It is a full matte brass finish model specially manufactured by German camera manufacturer, Leica for leading luxury watch retailer, The Hour Glass. The stunning exterior of this luxurious gadget is made of full brass, leather trimmings and matte clear lacquered buttons—all of which are firsts for any Leica camera.

“It started out as an idea inspired by the concept of luxury in its most authentic and artisanal form two years ago,” says Michael Tay, group managing director of The Hour Glass. “We are proud and thrilled to see this project come to fruition. We wanted an object which is pure and unadulterated hence the beauty of brass in its original form was born. Brass embodies the glamour of gold in an understated way.”

To further emphasise its exclusivity, there are only 35 pieces available and each piece will be marked with its unique number on the hotshoe and lens. “The first Leica M-P Brass Edition is limited to only 35 pieces in the world which makes it highly sought after, and I believe Leica enthusiasts will be looking forward to this special model with much anticipation,” says Sunil Kaul, managing director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific.


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