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Art Design What to Expect at STPI's Annual Friends Fundraiser 2020, Biome

What to Expect at STPI's Annual Friends Fundraiser 2020, Biome

What to Expect at STPI's Annual Friends Fundraiser 2020, Biome
By Amelia Yeo
October 14, 2020
STPI—Creative Workshop & Gallery hosts its annual fundraiser event in a twofold format this year with an online auction and separate physical gallery experience with a line-up of esteemed artists

Given that the pandemic has severely bruised multiple industries in the past few months, businesses and organisations have been forced to pivot to cope with the new normal. Entities from the arts sector are no exception; in fact, not only has its role and importance in society been in question, the sector has also taken one of the worst hits during the time of a pandemic.

This month, STPI—Creative Workshop & Gallery addresses the difficulties of this shared climate through its annual friends fundraiser. The event, themed Biome, will be rolled out in twofold in hopes of raising funds to keep its exhibitions, outreach programmes and artist residencies going. “Embodying STPI's deep-rooted spirit of experimentation and creativity, we are pleased to unveil a brand new fundraiser concept," shares Rita Targui, director of STPI Gallery. "This year, Biome seeks to cultivate intimate relationships with artists and to strengthen the support for our local art industry.” 

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Here's everything you need to know about the fundraising event: 

Dum Vita Est, Spes Est (Giant Lotus in the Pond After Krua In-Kong) by Natee Utarit (Image: Courtesy of the artist and Richard Koh Fine Art)
Do undo by Alvin Ong (Image: Courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery)
Back to Where We've Never Been #2 by Melissa Tan (Image: Courtesy of the artist and Richard Koh Fine Art)
Ruben Pang (Image: Bradley Foisset)
Genevieve Chua (Image: Toni Cuhadi)
Khairullah Rahim (Image: Courtesy of the artist)
Jason Wee (Image: Courtesy of the artist)
Heman Chong (Image: Toni Cuhadi)
Alvin Ong (Image: Courtesy of the artist)

1/3 Participate in an online auction

First in the fundraising programme is an online auction that features more than 20 artworks, each donated by artists and galleries that are based in Southeast Asia. Familiar galleries in the line-up include Sullivan+Strumpf, Yavuz Gallery, Fost Gallery and Richard Koh Fine Art, while artists include 2017 Gen.T honouree Ruben Pang and Singapore-born celebrity photographer, Russel Wong. 

The auction will take place from October 16 to 25 and can access it here. Guests will be able to preview the works in-person at STPI Gallery from October 21 to 23, by appointment only at

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STPI building
STPI building

2/3 Secure a spot for the new multimedia experience, Encounters

The newest concept and second part to STPI's fundraiser is Encounters—an on-site segment where gallery-goers will be hosted through a series of personal and thought-provoking artist-led activities around the STPI building. Targui says: "We will be presenting a series of bold participatory experiences, introducing moments of in-person discovery and inspiration at a time of being largely home-bound." 

Guests will be taken through five unique rooms, each helmed by a notable local artist including the likes of Genevieve Chua and Khairullah Rahim, whose works are also up for auction. During the tour, guests can expect to discover the various processes and personalities of the artists where they will respond to the various nooks within the confines of the STPI building. 

The Encounters experience will take place across one weekend and guests can secure their spots here: October 24 | October 25

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(Image: Kyle Mueller/ Unsplash)
(Image: Kyle Mueller/ Unsplash)

3/3 Donations are qualified for a 250 per cent tax deduction

As STPI—Creative Workshop & Gallery is a registered charity, qualifying donations will receive a 250 per cent tax deduction, with the amount matched for dollar-for-dollar from the Cultural Matching Fund by the the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. 

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