Ways To Make Your Wedding Venue Work For You Without Overspending On Decor


February 22, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei

Three wedding experts share how you can throw an amazing wedding without bursting your budget.

Tan Wei Wei, senior wedding planner at Chere: Weddings & Parties

Firstly, ensure that your venue reflects the base colours you want for your wedding—most ballrooms are neutral-toned, so any decor concept can be worked in without breaking the bank. Then, find out what is provided in your decor package. Oftentimes, you can customise the colour and/or type of flowers used. Discuss with your decorator the extent of what can be done before extra charges set in, so you can better reconcile what you want with what can be done. A useful tip is to forgo unnecessary features such as aisle stands, which take up space and don’t serve much purpose. Instead, deck out the prominent and essential features such as the stage, VIP and/or aisle tables.

Ways To Make Your Wedding Venue Work For You Without Overspending On Decor
Bryan Foong, photographer at Bryan Jean Photography

Rent props and other decorations that will add character to your venue. As a photographer, I have come to realise that apart from floral arrangements and candles, framed photos and photo displays make great decorative pieces.
They allow your guests to admire the beautifully taken pictures of you and your other half as well as paint the room with colours and shapes. What’s also crucial is knowing where to place your decorations and getting the colours right. It’s the job of a good photographer to be able to bring out the best in what’s available and to make these details pop in the event photos.

Denise Loo, wedding planner at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Pick a venue with a setting that matches your preferences. You should leverage on its existing features and not spend on avoidable enhancements. If you want to have a garden theme within an air-conditioned space, for instance, go for a location surrounded by lush foliage, which will serve as a natural form of decoration. Also, your wedding planner should be able to suggest ways within your budget to create a wedding that will leave a lasting impression. For a personal touch, consider DIY wedding props and decor, which are popular now. Think of your decor as an investment that can be recycled to furnish your future home. 

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