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Weddings Wedding Etiquette: On Wedding Attire, Social Media And Guest Performances

Wedding Etiquette: On Wedding Attire, Social Media And Guest Performances

Wedding Etiquette: On Wedding Attire, Social Media And Guest Performances
By Chloe Pek
December 21, 2017
Avoid turning Bridezilla with these etiquette tips from menswear designer Leslie Chia, wedding photographer Sebastian Teh, and bridal planner Caroline Yakop-Lim.


Photo: Courtesy of Pimabs Bespoke Menswear
Photo: Courtesy of Pimabs Bespoke Menswear

How can my fiancé incorporate prints and colours into his suit without it clashing with my gown?

As long as basic menswear etiquette is met, the designs of wedding suits are only limited by the groom’s imagination. By playing with suit colours and prints, he can stand out while complementing the bride’s gown at the same time. Sticking to the theme is the best way to ensure that the groom’s suit does not stick out like a sore thumb. If the wedding gown is not too formal, he can afford to play with patterns and details.

Quirky buttons can reflect his fun-loving nature, and prints (florals, for example) can be infused into the vest or shirt if he is more flamboyant. For something more subtle, imaginative stitch work can render a suit different, but quietly confident. There is also the option of using bold colours, such as red, for the entire suit. The most important thing to note is that a wedding suit must be well fitted to make the groom look crisp, sharp and confident.

—Leslie Chia, Founder/Creative Director, Pimabs Bespoke Menswear


Photo: Courtesy of Loveinstills
Photo: Courtesy of Loveinstills

My wedding guest has uploaded unflattering photos of me online. How can I control what posts about my wedding go on social media?

Very often, a wedding celebration involves a substantial investment on the couple’s part, so it is understandable that they would want to capture only the best moments. Unfortunately, once unflattering photos are uploaded, the only solution is to inform the guest to remove them. To avoid these awkward instances, address the matter before the wedding by encouraging guests to unplug and leave the photography to professional lensmen. Alternatively, you could create a website for guests to upload their images, which you can then curate from.

—Sebastian Teh, Photographer, Loveinstills


Photo: Courtesy of The Wedding Entourage
Photo: Courtesy of The Wedding Entourage

A friend has offered to put up a performance but I don’t want my wedding to come across as a show. How do I tactfully include it in my banquet?

A wedding is a celebration of family, friendship and love, and if you are honoured by a friend who wants to put up a performance, you should embrace it! If they are highly confident, have them intertwine their performance with speeches by the bestman and maid of honour or feature it as a surprise act after, so that it doesn’t come across as a show.

We’ve had very talented groomsmen who performed their speech as a rap. And for shy friends who are less confident, give them the spotlight towards the end of the dinner in good fun, when everyone has had a few drinks—the occasional off-key tune or dance misstep will hardly be noticed!

—Caroline Yakop-Lim, Principal Planner, The Wedding Entourage


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