7 Things You Should Have On Your Wedding Checklist


October 3, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei

You've picked the perfect wedding location, got your catering sorted and perhaps even pinned a couple of bouquet or hair and makeup looks on Pinterest.

Think you've got your celebrations all sorted? Take a quick look through our pre-wedding checklist to make sure you haven't left any of these integral details out.

After all, you wouldn't want to leave your planning to the very last minute!



If you’re one who thinks about your honeymoon destination even before your wedding plans are in place, you’ll want to know the hottest post-wedding spots of today. As homegrown travel company Country Holidays highlights, on the radar now are destinations that evoke a new sense of adventure and cultural exploration, such as Sicily, Morocco, Oman and South Africa. 

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7 Things You Should Have On Your Wedding Checklist


One of the trendiest gadgets with which to create your wedding video is a drone. It captures a different perspective of the event—a top-down, smooth-moving view—as well as better candid moments than a roving videographer can because of its subtle presence. The GoPro has also found an audience among wedding couples. Its perspective and portability mean you don’t need a professional to handle it. We know of one wedding where a dog helped its owner film the wedding! 

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As celebrations become more representative of the bridal couple’s personalities, a bespoke cocktail bar has come to be an expected feature at a reception. For the pair who knows exactly what they want in a cocktail, the Macallan Wedding Bar is a must-have. With the help of the brand’s mixologists, the couple can create a menu of cocktails that aligns with their palate and tells their story. 

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7 Things You Should Have On Your Wedding Checklist


Designers are opening our hearts to pastel-hued wedding dresses, says Annie Wijaya of Belle & Tulle Bridal. The hottest shades are soft pink and blue, seen on floral appliques of Romona Keveza’s gowns and entire dresses at Naeem Khan. Romantic bows are back, too, but are more statement-making and unexpected than before. At Viktor & Rolf, there are ballet-inspired oversized knots as well as “spinal bows” running along the spine of the dress.

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Wedding Dance

The grand walk-in never fails to charm, but can hardly be called fun. Thus, more bridal couples are making their entrance with a dance. According to events director of The St Regis Singapore Debby Setiawan, it’s quickly gaining speed. The excitement doesn’t stop there—surprise performances by the bride, groom or both and their bridal entourage can be a great lead-in to your after-party, when the dance floor opens. 

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7 Things You Should Have On Your Wedding Checklist


Wedding cakes are looking less stylised, but that’s not to say bridal couples don’t take risks with their designs anymore. For the romantic traditionalist, ruffled cakes in soft hues such as blush and mint are gaining favour over high-impact ornamental designs, says Grace Goh of Dreams Establishment. She adds that modern urbanites are also loving avant-garde designs—from a full-black cake to ones with a hand-painted marble effect. 

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Bridesmaids’ Dresses

A bride’s gown always takes centrestage in photos, but the digital age means every setting, outfit and detail of your wedding has to be “Instagrammable”. This means nothing should be overlooked, not even your bridesmaids’ dresses. Rather than go for a one-look-fits-all, bridesmaids are donning varied dress styles that align with their personal style, but in matching hues for a unified look. “Bridesmaids are important in pictures, too. We’ve had the occasional client opt for bolder colours such as red and royal blue,” says Lee Min Yi of Silhouette The Atelier.

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This article first appeared in Singapore Tatler Weddings Spring/Summer 2018.