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August 21, 2018 | BY Angela Low and Hong Xinying

Inspired by the creative collections from Aurastone, this open-concept kitchen by Design Rebirth ups the ante on cooking with style

Having started as a young apprentice in stone masonry, Ben Yong could not have imagined that he would eventually run his very own surface brand. In the span of nearly three decades, Yong steadily worked up the ranks to become the supervisor of a factory; he also co-founded a stone fabrication factory in 1998.

His passion for stone masonry led him to strike out on his own with the launch of Aurastone in 2016—the Singapore-based brand is a supplier and fabricator of quartz and granite surfaces.


“We are a Singapore brand and we’re very proud of it—we believe we have a strong team and good materials that are as good, if not better than some other imported international brands,” shares Yong. Working extensively across residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality projects, the countertop fabricator carries a concise selection of granite countertops, as well as over 20 quartz surfaces that pair the functionality of the engineered stone with the beautiful textures of natural stone.

Yong’s expertise with countertops led to the creation of the brand’s Aura sink—an under-mount stainless steel sink with a ridge and clamp-based installation system designed to prevent water leakage. Inspired by the creative collections from Aurastone, we ask local interior design firm Design Rebirth to craft a dream kitchen that celebrates the functional beauty of these quartz surfaces.

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Design Rebirth picked out Platino Ferro, a grey quartz from Aurastone, for the countertops in the kitchen to match the grey marble flooring

The dark hue gives off a sense of suave sophistication

Tasked to create a modern family-friendly kitchen concept for Aurastone, Design Rebirth co-founders Yap Khoon Wah and Victor Loh used an existing project as a basis from which to interpret the brief.

One of the most distinctive details of the design scheme is its grey marble floors that cover the entire kitchen. Taking cues from this distinctive feature, the designers picked out Platino Ferro, a grey quartz from Aurastone, for the countertops in the kitchen. Sticking to a single dominant colour in a room not only creates a cohesive look, it also makes a bold statement.

To create a space for the family to entertain, the designers designed a two-tiered kitchen island that faces the living room. While the raised breakfast bar serves as a gathering spot for guests, the lower counter on the other side is used as a worktop with a sink and an under-counter wine cooler.

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As the co-founders would share, “a well-designed kitchen is a personal space that fulfills various culinary needs." From the storage, equipment to the presentation of food and wine on the table, the kitchen has to serve multiple purposes, according to the preferences and lifestyle of its occupants, without forgetting about the aesthetic dimension.

This kitchen concept encapsulates how Design Rebirth approaches its creative projects, celebrating the firm's belief in optimising both the form and function of each project.

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Aurastone is located at 12 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road, #01-20, Tel: 6363 0998

This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes August-September 2018

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