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Art Design This Penthouse Is A Foodie's Dream Abode

This Penthouse Is A Foodie's Dream Abode

study with botanical theme by Designworx
By Hong Xinying
By Hong Xinying
November 08, 2017


With Singapore’s reputation as a food paradise, it is easy to see why one bon vivant frequented the city for its smorgasbord of top-notch cuisines. After some time, he not only wished for an abode of his own in the city, he wanted it to be a tribute to his love of food—he looked to Terri Tan, design director of Designworx Interior Consultant, to turn his new penthouse into an inviting home with a unique element.

Take a tour of his stylish abode here:
study with botanical theme by Designworx
The spacious dining area serves as the heart of the homethe perfect gathering hub for a bon vivant

“Being an avid cook, the homeowner wanted cuisine-inspired interiors and an elegant apartment that would be functional and easy to maintain,” says Tan. He also wanted the study to double up as an additional guest room. “Aside from that, he left the decor of the apartment to us,” she adds.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
The serene dining and living area of a penthouse with cuisine-inspired interiors

Loosely inspired by the chef’s table experience, every room in the home is like a visual sampling of a particular dish or culinary style. Each decorative element serves as a stylish ingredient in the overall epicurean theme.

“We wanted to create an overarching concept that connects the different themes of each space,” says Tan. “The living area is inspired by Western cuisines and the dining area by seafood dishes, while the study has a vegetarian theme and the bedrooms are inspired by Asian cuisines.”

study with botanical theme by Designworx
The aquatic-themed table setting is inspired by the seafood menu

To the designer, a tour of the apartment is akin to an epicurean journey where a variety of culinary influences are explored as one moves between the various spaces. Particularly striking is the dining zone. Modelled after the seafood course in a meal, it has a tranquil ambience with its oceanic inspiration.

Aquatic details reign here—an abstract artwork that recalls the soothing ebb and flow of waves is paired with shades of blue, as well as coral motifs on the tableware and placemats. Hanging above the sleek Mobimex table is a Delightfull chandelier, shining like a golden crown above the dining area.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
A stylish mix of accessories pepper the shelves of the living area

European influence takes over in the living area. For this space, Tan selected furniture from Italian brands such as Poltrona Frau, Natuzzi and Gurian. Shelves above the television console are peppered with Hermès accessories, as well as cutlery-shaped bookends and other decorative objects that loosely allude to the epicurean theme. Earthy tones on the furniture and accessories keep the space cosy, punctuated with touches of turquoise that echo the hues in the dining zone.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
The custom-made, chinoiserie-style silk panels in the master bedroom

All the furniture and accessories have been carefully colour-coordinated to complement the material pairing of marble and timber, all the while including imaginative allusions to the culinary theme.

“We wanted to play with contrasting textures to complement the space,” explains Tan. “Dark timber panels meet pearl silk cushions, while hammered bronze is set off by the softness of a wool carpet, and rough linen is juxtaposed with smooth leather—all these materials are harmoniously arranged to create a relaxed yet sophisticated environment that makes this home a true urban retreat.”

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
The master bedroom features a stunning Chinoiserie-inspired headboard

The master bedroom celebrates the majestic grace of the traditional Chinese banquet with a striking floral panel, which took a Canada-based studio three months to produce. Positioned by the bed, this centrepiece is paired with a matching cerulean carpet.

“This is my favourite space in the home—the custom-made, chinoiserie-style silk panels are a work of art, as every flower on it is either embroidered or hand-painted onto the screen,” says Tan.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
Metallic details reign in this bedroom

Meanwhile, the adjoining bedroom is a nod to modern cuisine with metallic details on the oil painting and the upholstery, as well as on a carpet that is a tessellation of hand-stitched cowhide.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
A Japanese-inspired bedroom crafted by Designworx

In another bedroom, boxy wall sconces float like paper lanterns by the bay window, subtly referencing Japanese inspiration.

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study with botanical theme by Designworx
The botanical themed study of a home crafted by Designworx

In the study, a collection of pressed leaves and other botanical motifs creates a calming alcove. 

Styling and Production: Khairul Ali
Photography: Koh Boon Wei/ Beebox



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