The Vespa Elettrica And Other Electric Motorcycles Of The Future


November 17, 2016 | BY Daween Maan

The Vespa Elettrica concept, unveiled at the EICMA is the scooter’s solution to the future of urban mobility – smaller vehicles and zero emissions.

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The Italian ‘wasp’ is finally headed in the direction many would feel it was always destined for – electric power.

The Vespa Elettrica concept, unveiled at the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA), isn’t just the scooter’s first ride into electric territory, but also its solution to the future of urban mobility – smaller vehicles and zero emissions.

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Details are scarce on the Elettrica, apart from its second-half of 2017 release timeframe, but at first look, there is much to suggest that this little wasp is still a Vespa in design, with some pretty – if not obvious – nods to the Piaggio Group’s vision of the future (read shiny stainless steel and blue highlights).

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As exciting as the new Vespa may be, it now joins a short list of motorcycle manufacturers who already have, or are working towards ushering in the full-blown era of electric 2-wheelers.

Here are some the players, building crotch-rockets that burn rubber, without burning fuel:

Yamaha PES2

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Like the Vespa, the PES2 is still in the ‘announcement’ phase. Unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, alongside a rough terrain alternative called the PED2, there is still plenty of speculation if the PES2 was ever intended for production. Nevertheless, it does at least serve as an indicator of what the minds at Yamaha could be creating in the future.


BMW eRR.jpg(source)

Another announced/experimental electric motorcycle is the BMW eRR. Poor choice of name aside, the German giant errs on the side of caution with its design, keeping the 2-wheeler looking like a conventional superbike, with all the bells and whistles under the carbon fibre. Little news has followed its unveiling, so here’s another to KIV.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero DSR.jpg(source)

Finally, an electric motorcycle you can actually own – for the most part. The American made Zero Motorcycles doesn’t have a Malaysian distributor, but where there’s a will… Zero has a catalogue of up to 6 electric bikes, serving all purposes and price points; and yes, all the bikes look as good as the Zero DSR pictured here.

Victory Empulse TT

Victory Empulse.jpg(source)

Another electric offering from the nation of hot rods and muscle cars, the Victory Empulse TT is the only non-petroleum powered motorcycle from the American manufacturer. You’ll need to get creative if you want to ride it on Malaysian roads, but this sporty road rocket has all the toys that make said creativity worthwhile.


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