The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 2 to June 4

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June 2, 2017 | BY Aditi Rane

Brace yourselves for a weekend of great food and music.


Hats off to Led Zeppelin

When June 2

What The number 1. Led Zeppelin tribute group is heading for Singapore this weekend for a one night only concert. Having appeared in a plethora of London shows including We Will Rock You and Thriller live, the rock and roll tribute group is sure to fill you with nostalgia, belting out old classics such as Stairway to Heaven and Immigrant song. A definite must-see for all old-school rock-and-roll fans!

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 2 to June 4

StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival Singapore

When June 2 to June 4

What Featuring a plethora of performances targeted toward both family and an adult audience, the story fest aims to gather people for a weekend of immersion in the art of storytelling.  If you prefer being on the creating side of storytelling, the fest also features a series of workshops so you can interact with established storytellers in Singapore in the 'Young Storytellers Mentorship Project'.

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Dinner en Blanc

When June 3

What The annual dinner where guests gather at a secret location, clad in white, is back. Apart from the novelty of the event brimming on secrecy, the social dinner gathering is a spectacle in itself.  Pulling cues from the original French society lifestyle event, the dinner encourages the mingling of guests amidst a serene and visually stunning background. Although this year's event remains a mystery, by the look of the previous years, Dinner en Blanc has been becoming progressively more glamorous. We can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves this time.

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 2 to June 4

Swiss Cham Gala Dinner

When  June 3

What  The SwissCham Singapore will be hosting its annual dinner gala this weekend. Known for it's seamless fusion of the Swedish and Singaporean culture, the gala aims to further cultivate relationships between guests at the Gala, while enjoying a culinary feast that coalesces both countries' cuisines into one, at Swissotel Merchant Court.

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