The Private Suite At LAX Puts First Class Lounges To Shame


May 24, 2018 | BY Coco Marett

From private security checks to being driven to your aircraft in a BMW, few airport experiences match that of The Private Suite at LAX

For many travellers, airport lounges are a godsend. They’re a place to freshen up, a private sanctuary away from the crowds to rest or get some work done and the complimentary food and drinks don’t hurt either; think the iconic noodle bar at Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing”, which has become something of a pre-flight tradition for many Hongkongers.

But the one that has truly redefined the airport lounge experience is The Private Suite at LAX, which launched just last year.

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More than just a lounge, The Private Suite is described as “the nation’s first private terminal”—clients arrive at LAX via a separate private entrance, enjoy private TSA screening and on-site customs and immigration processing away from the masses. 

Here, a team of eight is assigned to each traveller, escorting and fulfilling the needs of clients from the moment they enter The Private Suite compound to the time they board their flights. 

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The highlight, of course, is the suites, of which there are about a dozen on the compound. Designed to resemble a hotel room, each private suite features a comfortable living room area with views of the planes taking off and landing at LAX.  

There is also a kitchenette fully stocked with a variety of complimentary snacks, soft drinks and wine, and a spacious modern bathroom with a shower. Those travelling with children are met with playful décor and a menu of toys suitable for all ages. Subtle but sweet personal touches, like a card displaying your travel details and the weather at your destination, help to elevate the already exquisite experience.

When it’s time to leave—and unfortunately you must—a team member comes to whisk you away in one of The Private Suite’s fleet of BMW 7 Series, driving you straight onto the tarmac to board your flight.

Is it only a matter of time before HKIA adopts this ingenious concept? One can only hope. 

Discover more about The Private Suite at LAX, including rates and membership fees, at

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