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Toys The McLaren Speedtail Will Be Almost Fully Customizable

The McLaren Speedtail Will Be Almost Fully Customizable

The McLaren Speedtail Will Be Almost Fully Customizable
The Strateosphere interior; Courtesy of McLaren Automotive
January 04, 2019
Future owners of the McLaren Speedtail have been invited to customise their Hyper GTs, for which the first deliveries are planned in 2020. Only 106 of these luxury sports cars will be made, and all have been sold

McLaren Speedtail's super-rich buyers not only get to savor stepping on the gas to reach a top speed of 403km/h, they will also have the pleasure of choosing between three design themes for their future cars—Urbane, Visionary and Dynamic—which have been specially developed by McLaren for this model.

Using these themes as a starting point, Speedtail customers will be able to fully customize every detail of their future cars, both inside and out.

In fact the choices are so numerous, that each buyer will be assigned a manager to help them configure their Speedtail. The service will also include access to McLaren Special Operations (MSO) which offers a wide array of colors and finishing materials.

With its 1035hp hybrid powertrain, the Speedtail will the fastest roadcar ever built by McLaren, which has announced that the vehicle will be capable of accelerating from 0 to 300 km/h in 12.8 seconds.

The Speedtail will benefit from a carbon-fiber monocoque and a specially-designed interior that places the driver in a central position between its two passenger seats-directly inspired by the McLaren F1, the first GT produced by the British company in the mid-1990s.

With an ultra low-drag design that uses fender-mounted HD cameras instead of door mirrors, the road car will also be the most aerodynamic ever made by McLaren.

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