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Toys Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Our First Impressions

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Our First Impressions

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Our First Impressions
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
October 22, 2020
Besides the Apple iOS 14, there’s so much to love about Apple's new iPhone 12 Pro, even if there isn't a charger

You know the basics already. It’s the first iPhone with 5G as we all anticipate 5G coverage that is coming soon to Singapore. There are four finishes: graphite, silver, gold, and all-new pacific blue.

The new design with its flat edges—though subtle—changes the way it feels in your hands, and the juxtaposition of the glossy edges against the matte finish looks luxe. 

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The first thing any iPhone user will notice is that the box is noticeably flatter: they’ve removed the charger and earbuds from the box but the cable is provided. It’s the first time a key smartphone brand has launched a phone without a charger, and it’s causing a lot of conversations. One thing’s for sure: with fewer chargers made and eventually discarded, it will have a positive impact on the environment.

So what else is new? Here’s a quick look:   

1/5 Did you spill something on your phone?

It’s ok, you can rinse it under a tap. Water-resistance is now up to six meters for up to 30 minutes (that’s three times the depth of the iPhone 11). Just don’t go diving with it.

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2/5 It’s now tougher

Remember how everyone around you would gasp collectively whenever you drop your phone? I know it well, unfortunately. Now if your iPhone 12 slips out of your hand, play it cool because you know that it has four times better drop performance. It's not really something you want to test out, but the reason for it is the all-new Ceramic Shield front, which is tougher than any smartphone glass. It also protects the Super Retina XDR display.

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3/5 Wireless charging won’t be annoying anymore

Before this, charging wirelessly was a bit of a guessing game. You need to put the iPhone on the exact point: if it moves out of place, the charging stops, if it’s a little off-centre, the charging speed is reduced. Now with Apple’s Magsafe wireless charger, the iPhone 12 family attaches magnetically, with perfect alignment to charge efficiently and quickly. No more guesses.

There’s also a whole new world of MagSafe accessories to explore, including Leather MagSafe wallet and MagSafe Duo charger—the latter will allow you to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

4/5 Your night photography will look even more amazing

The Night Mode shone on my iPhone 11 Pro camera... bless the pun. With the iPhone 12 Pro’s larger aperture, Night Mode now powers every other camera setting you need: Portrait mode, videos and one of my favourites would be the Night Mode time-lapse, with longer exposure frames and smoother tone curves that can take professional night sky time-lapse videos when set on a tripod. 


5/5 You can start creating cinema-grade videos

Our Tatler Tours series is shot entirely on an iPhone, and this trend for iPhones becoming an essential piece of equipment in the film industry continues. The iPhone 12 Pro is now the first and only camera in the world to directly record, edit, and watch in Dolby Vision HDR video, too. The 10-bit HDR video recording will capture 60 times more colours, meaning we’re up to 700 million colours right now. Your videos will be more lifelike and vivid than ever.


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