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Wealth Giving The Future Of Food: Why Modern Hydroponics Is The Answer

The Future Of Food: Why Modern Hydroponics Is The Answer

The Future Of Food: Why Modern Hydroponics Is The Answer
By Singapore Tatler
December 21, 2017


Pegasus Food Futures looks to securing our food supply by investing in modern agricultural technology.

We tend to take our food for granted. Which explains the huge amount of food produced for human consumption being wasted annually. Approximately 1.3b tonnes of food gets frittered every year. That is why Pegasus Food Futures stresses on the importance of food security, making it the company’s top priority and primary goal.

To achieve food security, Pegasus Food Futures pushes for innovative agriculture by eschewing traditions and opting for a high-tech and scientific approach. One of the solutions to meet future food needs that the firm has developed is modern hydroponics, which comes under the purview of Pegasus Agriculture, a sub-division of Pegasus Food Futures.

Pegasus' modern hydroponic farms
Pegasus' modern hydroponic farms; plants are grown in a soilless environment and gain their nutrients directly from the physical properties of water

The benefits of hydroponics has long been discovered and espoused by the science and farming fraternities. But under Pegasus Agriculture, it takes on hydroponics with an even stronger scientific and technological slant. Like traditional hydroponics, plants are still grown in a soil-less environment and gain nourishment directly from the physical properties of water. But the greenhouses in which plants are grown are equipped with 21st century technology that allows for the control and monitoring of each plant’s mineral and nutrient intake with pinpoint accuracy.

Food security will be more significant and relevant in time to come as the world grapples with various issues including climate changes, water crises, growing population and land degradation. Which only further underlines the importance of hydroponic technology in the future blueprint of achieving global food security. Sufficient produce can still be cultivated without arable land and/or large amounts of water. 


A Better Tomorrow: Hydroponics can help countries achieve food security
Hydroponics can help countries achieve food security
Power Plant: Pegasus Food Futures is the leading innovator in agricultural methods and technology
Pegasus Food Futures is the leading innovator in agricultural methods and technology

Pegasus Agriculture sets up its hydroponic farms mostly in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, touted to be one of the world’s best locations to take advantage of the benefits of hydroponics. (Water supply is an issue in Mena as with fertile land for farming purposes.) With Mena sourcing close to US$62.8b worth of food from overseas yearly, hydroponics will ease the dependence on foreign food import. Hence, the countries in the Mena region can be self-sufficient and one step closer to food security. 

Pegasus Food Futures is clear-minded about its objective, circumventing existing physical and global challenges to achieving food security. Hydroponics is a measured, scientific and extremely viable approach for a better tomorrow.

At A Glance

A quick look at the benefits of hydroponics:

  • It uses 90 percent less water than traditional agriculture.
  • It’s not dependent on climate and weather, which means hydroponics can be done everywhere and anywhere.
  • The plants receive 30 per cent more nutrients than those grown via traditional farming methods.
  • It boasts a 300 per cent faster growth cycle. This means more plants can be grown in a shorter period of time.
  • No pesticides are used on the plants — this gives birth to healthier and safer produce.


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