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Art DesignThe Club 21 Scholarship is Now Open for Applicants

The Club 21 Scholarship is Now Open for Applicants

The Club 21 Scholarship is Now Open for Applicants
By Hayden Ng
February 09, 2016

This year’s Club 21 Scholarship, a bond-free grant of $10,000, is open from now till 31 March 2016. We speak to last year’s recipient, Daryl Goh, about his experience.

Calling all students in any field that's relevant to a career in the fashion and retail management industries: This year’s Club 21 Scholarship is open for application. Open to applicants of all nationalities, this bond-free scholarship is an initiative launched by the luxury fashion retailer in 2012 to support and develop individuals who possess exceptional personal vision, drive and potential. 

Last year’s recipient and multi-media artist-curator Daryl Goh, emerged from a pool of more than 100 applicants from 21 countries. We spoke to him to find out how the scholarship benefitted his work.

Congratulations again on winning last year’s Club 21 Scholarship. What was the experience like?

Daryl Goh I remember submitting my application without much expectation and shortly afterwards, I was called in for an interview. The experience felt—and still feels—unreal. The amazing team behind this initiative was so welcoming, and they went all out to make sure that they could support me in my creative career.

That’s wonderful. How did the win benefit you and your work?

Goh It has served as a huge recognition because getting a scholarship has always been one of my lifelong goals. It has also made me realise that there are great people who support the same cause behind my projects; [and that] I should continue what I’m doing now and help other individuals in the creative industry find their foothold in the arts field.

One of my key projects was the founding of NPE Art Residency, a studio space created for local artists to contemplate, collaborate and create works. It’s arguably Singapore’s only free art residency.

What advice can you give applicants for this year’s Club 21 Scholarship?

Goh Having a prolific portfolio is not enough; you’ll need to have a strong mentor to help point you to the right direction. I also strongly believe a scholarship belongs to one who relentlessly gives and helps others.

To apply for the scholarship, click here


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