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Toys The Bentley Continental Supersports Gets Its Own Smartwatch

The Bentley Continental Supersports Gets Its Own Smartwatch

The Bentley Continental Supersports Gets Its Own Smartwatch
January 18, 2017

To mark the launch of the fastest production Bentley ever made, the company's horological partner Breitling has built a special connected timepiece.


The Breitling for Bentley Supersports B55 is the first Bentley-branded watch from the company to feature an electronic movement. However, the watch needs the extra processing power as it's designed to log and compare lap times and record speed in real time when on the circuit.

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Although this isn't Breitling's first ‘smart' watch (the company prefers to call it a connected chronograph) it is the very first to come with special ‘Rally' functions.

The first, ‘Chrono Rally' allows the wearer to record up to 30 rally stages and to automatically keep track of any course penalties incurred.

The second ‘Regulatory Rally' is for those competitions with a time trial element and where the aim of each stage is to complete the course in a pre-determined time. The watch can calculate progress on individual stages and subtract times from the overall target time for the event as a whole.

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All of the features are app controlled and data can be transferred easily to a smartphone for further analysis or for sharing.

The watch is limited to just 500 examples globally and takes many of its design cues from the Bentley Continental Supersports. For example it has a titanium casing -- a material chosen because it's the same as that in the car's lightweight exhaust system. And the dial is formed from carbon fiber.

As well as lap times and rally stages, the watch offers dual timezones, up to seven daily alarms, perpetual calendar and is water resistant to 100m.


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