5 Minutes With... Floral Designer Jeff Leatham

Art & Design

January 30, 2017 | BY Singapore Tatler

Following his stint as artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris and the launch of his carpet collection with Tai Ping, he is back in Los Angeles creating installations for celebrity clients. He reveals five of his sources of inspiration.

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Jeff Leatham

 Gardenias and Magnolias

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“I love flowers that have a beautiful scent because that’s where memories come from. Every time we send out an arrangement from my studio in LA, it would have a gardenia, and I always have fresh magnolias in my room.”

The Ivy, Los Angeles

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“This is my favourite restaurant in LA and my favourite dish is their cucumber martini. Seriously.”

Tai Ping Bloom Collection

3. TP-BLOOM-SYNCHRONISM I-straight on.jpg“One of the best things about this collaboration was being able to produce work that lasts more than a week. Monet’s gardens were a big inspiration. I wanted a mix of colours that was a little unexpected, just like it happens in nature.”

Cartier Love Bracelets4. Cartier LOVE bracelet 18K yellow gold.jpg

“They’re my trademark. I wear about six or seven up my arm in different types of gold and platinum. I can’t dress up too much at work because I get dirty and wet, but I think good jewellery and good shoes [Jeff collects Gucci loafers] are essentials of style.”

Tom Ford

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“He’s my favourite designer because to me he embodies luxury, sexiness and glamour. What he’s done in fashion and his attention to detail inspires me. I know him personally but I look up to him, also because he’s a crazy Virgo like me.”