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Art Design How To Create A Stylish And Functional Home Gym

How To Create A Stylish And Functional Home Gym

Image from The Habitat Furniture
By Leanne Mirandilla
October 09, 2020
Keep fit in the comfort of your own abode by creating a versatile space catered to your exercise routine and other stay-home activities

Staying fit and keeping healthy have taken on new significance, now that we’re spending more time indoors. It’s also simple enough to create a multipurpose space at home, which can be used for working out along with plenty of other functions. 

In another project by KGID, the rooftop home gym of this house enjoys abundant natural light
A home gym designed by KGID with mirrored walls ideal for checking your workout posture

The first order of business is to decide exactly what sort of training you’d like to do, as well as the other uses of the space. Are you a yoga practitioner, or do you tend to incorporate more weightlifting exercises into your fitness regime? Would you rather have the space double up as a guest room, a sitting room, or a storage area? The room could look vastly different depending on what you decide.

“The intention of the home gym must be clear—to focus on cardio, strength, yoga or general workouts,” says Kelvin Gan, co-founder of interior design firm KGID. “If the room is used as a guest room, consider having more portable, space-saving equipment such as those used in bodyweight exercises. Make sure that you have enough furniture-free space for stretching, warming up, and cooling down.”

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Gan also recommends using vinyl flooring if you’re installing heavy gym equipment, as it’s low-maintenance and less prone to damage; timber flooring can be easily scratched by your fitness gear. Adds Gan: “Try not to have too much upholstered furniture; it’s also better to go with painted walls instead of wallpaper for easy maintenance.” If your home gym doubles as a guest room, incorporate a pull-out sofa bed. A storage room would call for wardrobes that would accommodate clothing other than your workout gear.

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A glamorous home gym crafted by Design Intervention
A glamorous home gym crafted by Design Intervention

Other elements to consider include good lighting and ventilation. “Light affects our mood and energy levels,” says Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention. “Soft, warm lighting will relax us, while bright, white light will make us feel energised. If your gym doubles as a meditation zone, consider dimmer switches or include lamps with warmer and softer lighting.” If you’re doing yoga and other workouts that involve lying on the floor, avoid using harsh spotlights that will shine directly onto your face during the exercise.

Choose light or neutral colours and a simple palette to maintain a calm state of mind. Ultimately, the space should be a place that you actively want to spend time in and work out in. “Pick a colour scheme or theme you love so that you’ll enjoy being in your home gym,” says Hunt. “You will be far more likely to spend more time in a room you love.”


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1/12 Ligne Roset’s Prado sofa

Rest and recharge on a sofa that can also function as a daybed. Unlike most couches, the components of Ligne Roset’s Prado sofa were not designed to stay in one place. The seat’s removable back cushions can be easily switched around and even taken off the sofa entirely to be used on the floor or elsewhere.

Available at Grafunkt

2/12 Karl lamp and side table from Living with Dot

If you're using a compact space for your home gym, you'll want to maximise every inch of the space with multitasking pieces such as the Karl lamp and side table from Living with Dot. Comprising a spray-painted timber tabletop, a blue powder-coated metal stand and a black lampshade, this quirky piece is also an instant conversation starter. 

Available exclusively at Tatler Homes Curates

3/12 Liebherr CoolMini compact fridge

The Liebherr CoolMini compact fridge is perfect for storing water and sports drinks for easy access after a workout. Energy-efficient and lit by LED lights, the unit can be mounted on a wall or set atop a counter.

Available at Liebherr


4/12 Minimalist String System modular storage

Created in 1949 by Nisse and Kajsa Strinning to be affordable and easy to assemble, the minimalist String System modular storage solution can be customised for all your workout kit and equipment storage needs.

Available at Danish Design Co


The LG OLED TV isn’t just great for workout videos, its rich colour reproduction and picture quality makes it ideal for watching movies and TV shows—whether you’re on your exercise bike or getting a well-deserved break on the couch after a tough workout.

Available at leading electronics stores

6/12 Louis Vuitton Dumbbell Set

Get in shape with chic fitness gear from Louis Vuitton. Made from lustrous metal and handles clad in the signature Monogram Eclipse canvas, the jump rope and dumbbells are pleasing to the eye and will easily elevate your #fitspo snaps.

Available at Louis Vuitton

7/12 Post floor lamp by Muuto

Pick this adjustable lighting piece to direct illumination where needed during your workout. The lighting units of the Post floor lamp by Muuto can be easily positioned via magnetic cable drops,and dimmed or brightened accordingly.

Available at Grafunkt

8/12 Sonos One Speaker

The Sonos One might be small, but it sure packs a punch. This smart speaker easily fills the room with its crisp sound; it’s also voice-controlled and resistant to humidity.Its compact design means it’s easily portable throughout the home, too.

Available at leading electronics stores


9/12 Mutlipurpose Habit bench

Created in response to the space constraints of compact apartments, the multipurpose Habit bench doubles as a coffee table and an exercise bench, while the stool can be used as a side table or dumbbell. The walnut veneer and geometric design mean the furniture is as attractive to look at as it is to use.

Available at

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10/12 B&B Italia Double Dip bench

Designed by Chris Howker for B&B Italia, the Double Dip bench is elegant in its simplicity—the stainless steel slab can be used as seating, as a surface, or even for doing exercises such as dips and step-ups.

Available at Space Furniture

11/12 Zimmer + Rohde Sonic Curtain Fabric

Go for curtains in nature-inspired hues or neutral shades to create a calming effect, such as the white mesh Sonic fabric by Zimmer + Rohde. Curtains created with glare-protective fabrics can help guard against bright sunlight while improving the acoustics of your room. Its light-reflective backing also protects against intense sunlight. 

Available from Cetec

12/12 Murphy Bed with Desk and Shelving, from Tí Furniture

Maximise the functionality of your gym area by creating various uses for the space with multitasking collections such as this Murphy bed from Tí Furniture. This innovative piece incorporates shelving, a desk and a wall-hung bed that can be stowed away in the day; a locking safety mechanism keeps the bed secure against the wall when it’s not in use. 

Available at Tatler Homes Curates


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