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ToysTake the lead with Porsche Panamera

Take the lead with Porsche Panamera

Take the lead with Porsche Panamera
By Poppy Skinner
November 10, 2014

How do you fancy test driving a Porsche Panamera round a race track with Porsche's certified instructors? 

When you say the word ‘Porsche’ what do you think of? Luxury, style, sophistication and most of all, speed. And summing this up perfectly is the Porsche Panamera. A four-door saloon, it effortlessly mixes the sensation of performance with the comfort and practically of a sedan.


The ultimate luxury, owning a Porsche is a privilege just a handful of lucky people can experience. But when it comes to driving one, well now, thanks to the Panamera Take The Lead Campaign, that’s another story.


For just a limited time only, you can get to experience the power behind the Panamera at an exclusive driving event. Get out of the city and onto the racetrack to see what the cars really can do, and thanks to the on hand Porsche certified instructors, you can really get the most from your drive. Learn about the different models, driving tips. the insider info on getting more from the cars, all at this exclusive, limited time event.


For more information and to register for the Panamera Take The Lead event, click here



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